Behind every great man is a great woman, Context is the ultimate King

FEBRUARY 08, 2016

Brands are getting insane trying to spread their content out:

  • retweet/repost to win…
  • … with our hashtag #…
  • check-in for free…
  • sign up for …% off

Is it that hard to have people read/share your content? Do businesses really have to spend money and free giveaways to win the attention and generate profits (hopefully)?

In fact, the whole progress could be painless as long as the content worth the attention. Sharing a piece of content, like eating and sleeping, is what people feel like doing by instinct, what will be done without money incentives.

Then what kind of content is considered “initiative shareable”? It’s not about what content businesses want people to share, but whether the content is helpful to the audience.

Standing in customers’ shoes, what they want might be self expression, self image, life hacks, social comparison or just something interesting they can talk about.

If the content could help people express their feelings and ideas, they would share. If the content could help build or enhance their self image, encouraging people to be a better version of themselves, they would share. If the content provides some easiness in life, of course they would share. If the content shows their social well-being, they would share and compare with friends. If the content is kind of dramatic that people might talk about through a beverage, they would share as well.

This generation lives a social life. Once the content helps socialization, the audience isn’t that hard to please.