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Feb 13 · 4 min read

Remote Year a travelling program for online working professionals. There are a few application stages that gets reviewed — this got the final invitation.

FYI: Written in 2016. For the 2019 follow up see: Why I declined a year working remotely and travelling 12 countries?

Why Remote Year? Why do you want to go on Remote Year? Please answer in 250 words or less.

Once upon a time, I was your average design graduate from a small UK town, jobs were bleak, but I managed to get in the industry through a few connections. I’d ticked all the important boxes: get a degree, get a job, moved to London — done. I was proud of my achievements but after a few years, I realised there’s more to daily life than waking up to your 4th snoozed alarm, squeezing on 3 tube trains to central London, 9:30–6 at the desk, to squeeze back on the tubes home again — repeat. I’m surrounded by experienced, highly creative, business savvy colleagues who I learn from always. I dream to continue to do this but outside of the office environment. I’ve ambition to excel my little world for bigger things — to work with business focused people, provide creative solutions, give beautiful design and transform ideas into colour and life for the industry.

“You’re so brave”, “You’re going on your own? Isn’t that a bit weird?”. Travelling on my own was another important box ticked for me. Another part of who I am is being an explorer to culture, new people, languages and new feelings. ‘The urge of wanting to see things outweighs the fear of going alone’. So I did it. Many times. I adore meeting new people who have their own life stories and own ambitions, and combined, travelling elevates me to who I am.

Remote Year brings my two major life goals and loves together — it’s scary, but I say “bring it!”.

Why You? What unique aspect do you bring to the table for the Remote Year community?

I hope to bring optimism and problem solving to the table. In times where work and being away may be difficult, I’m a supportive individual who is open to help and listen — bringing a positive aura to the community. I’m good at following dreams and understanding what’s realistic which I think is an important balance. Some people jump and make it, some people think a little longer before making a bigger leap. I’m the second, I believe I’m rational and spontaneous at the right times and places.

Remote Work Details Please describe in detail your experience working remotely

My experience involved working at home at my desk, sheets of paper scattered around, chatting to clients about what designs they’ve asked for, and discussing extra recommendations that will benefit their brand. This, was during a full-time job at a fast paced design agency and was too much coming home from work to work. Thereafter, I moved to London and freelanced in and out of office which I really enjoyed — I was fighting my way through a new city, with new work, whilst job hunting for the next gig and gaining new opportunities were all a buzzing thrill for me. I didn’t realise at the time people worked remotely or freelanced for a long term career, I thought it was a gap filler. I learnt it does really work, especially in a city like London. During this time I’ve worked remotely for clients within London, Sydney, Murcia and Barcelona. It is doable! And I’d love to continue to do this connecting with more people globally.

Current Job Please describe your current role. If it will be different while on remote year, please explain.

As a digital designer at an advertising agency in central London — it’s busy and demanding. The staff turnover is high but the company morale is the out of this world amazing. I manage and oversee all digital work of my peers, I create brand guidelines, I design swiftly according to brand guidelines, I work alongside head of design, creative directors, art directors, web developers, UX designers and account/project management. My communication is reliable and my work and opinion is respected. In the instance of working remotely, I think I could carry this on, but actively I’d like to be more connected in projects so my goals are to create my own projects being on the Remote Year program. As an all-round designer with art directing skills and an entrepreneur mind set, I’m highly knowledgable of what is needed in a project to execute to it’s highest talent.

Here’s to my 26 year old self for applying and getting through, well done. But it’s 2019 and I didn’t go on the Remote Year program, here’s why.

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From Leeds to London, Berlin and now Sydney, Australia. A something year old with stories of life lessons and experiences. Travel, design and self.

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