Drei Monat Anniversary

From November to January. It’s definitely colder, and I’ve learnt how to layer. Layer so well that when I went back to UK for Christmas, I had two pairs of tights on, a knitted top, cord pinafore with a hoody (fur lined) WITH a coat and scarf on top — oh, in 7 degrees. Got a bit carried away didn’t I. What I can’t master here in Berlin yet are the balance of thermals. They work, great! They’re cosy for coming and going to work but what happens when you have to sit inside an office all day — you sweat. Oh my, yes you sweat in-front of the hot guy chatting to you, and you’re regretting that ‘extra warm’ Uniqlo thermal underneath the thousand jumpers you have on. It works a charm outside but I have half of my wardrobe hanging off my chair at work. Exaggerating? Slightly, but it’s to emphasise the importance of balance (Christ). I will get there and I’m sure to write a blog post ‘how I mastered the importance of balancing thermals in the workplace’. Top read for the Medium audience.

I now remember words such as ‘alles suzammen’ which means ‘altogether’. My every Monday’s piloxing (pilates and boxing) class in German really gets my guess game on point. My cup at work today said ‘zu heiss’, which meant nothing to me until somebody told me it meant ‘too hot’. Great! Another few words learnt. I’m sure it’ll come useful in a hairdressers one day, ‘das ist zu heiss’, ‘that is too hot’. Along with ‘Ich bin zu heiss’, ‘I am too hot’, (one for the blog post). The 9 week German course I’ve enrolled on will get the vocab rollin’.

In Berlin, my travel bug has awakened and it’s dangerous. Moving away to somewhere new gets me all excited visiting all these new places; cultured with all the different ‘vibes’ (yes, I said vibes), decor, people, rules and new norms. I’m enlightened by the simplest things here that it sparks that little flame into a fire of things I want to do this year. And what’s that burning in the fire? It’s traveling. It’s the beach. It’s the sun. It’s the tiredness from walking around ALL day. It’s waking up to blue skies and views you’re not used to. It’s Instagramming EVERYTHING because everything is so beautiful, and it’s the life you’ve always dreamed, and that you wish it lasts forever or just longer than the 2 weeks you originally planned it to last for. Nooooo! Crash down, and before you know, you’re back at work.

I was reminded today that one of my true dreams is to travel and work. I‘d forgotten how much I looked into it before until I spoke to someone who is on the program I declined (it was $27k for the year) to travel around the world for a year whilst working, and with someone else linking me to a similar program I spoke about it all again. Another beast awakened! Visiting Berlin in June for 4 days was the reason for my burst of energy and thrive for being actively creative thereafter. I came back to London full of ideas and wanted to embark all these new things. I think being in a 9–5 can generally structure life too straight and simple. On one hand, I love that I’ve settled in and got into a routine I know and trust, but at the same time, I don’t want to lose my energy for other journeys I long and care for. So far, my plan is to travel as much as I can for one year (during full-time work) and figure this out.

Friends! I’ve made some. Woohoo. People I’ve met have been so great. It’s mainly people from work but most I don’t deem colleagues as we don’t actually work together, so yes, they are my friends. But, what actually makes an initial friend? A person you see all the time and just talk? Nah. You can talk to someone all the time and not really be friends. But, friends look out for each other, they care about what you’re saying and vice versa. So, I think finding friends at work are people that you get on with conversationally, can have a joke and a laugh, AND being able to work together on a separate level is the top ding ding ding bonus.

So that’s a three month wrap in brief. Christmas and New Years was obviously great, but I still long for a festive holiday set out on the beach to experience.

2017 — here’s to myself, changing my ‘to-do’ list to ‘done’ and embracing what my 27th (ouch) year will bring me.