Impulsive ‘saying yes’ disorder…

With safety precautions

It’s Saturday midday, I just woke up from my boozy 4am bed time. I managed to line up a glass of water next to my bed for my definite morning dehydration, my hair still smells like smoke and my belly is telling me rum, rye and whiskey was a bad thing. But I had such a great random night.

With the natural joys of Friday being the end of the week, a group of us at work have a regular Friday thing going on — usually consisting of food, drink, a club. A few of us went to Taquería Ta Cabrón where Mexican food is reviewed as ‘the best’ with a one € sign for cost. After the slow-cooked pork quesadilla, decent side of quac and a cheeky mojito (15.70€ altogether — so good!) we went to whiskey bar John Muir which was super cosy, candle lit and chilled. My chosen cocktails were those throat warming strong types. We talked about life, people, relationships and other various stories about ourselves. It was really nice. Undoubtably, from drinking since 7pm (it was midnight) we were smashed and maybe learnt enough about each other for one night.

I forgot there was a McDonald’s on the way home. Jackpot! Fillet O’Fish meal come at me, just the same as every night out in Leeds. I bonded with two guys behind me in the queue about the two idiot British guys infront being rude and taking unnecessarily long to order requesting everything like princesses and why it isn’t like America. It’s because we’re in the smallest grab ‘n’ go McDs inside a train station, and we’re in Germany, not in America mate. I obviously said this to them sassily hungry and drunk. My two new friends behind agreed and we discussed, they then invited me to go to a gay bar with them in Prenzlauer Berg, near home so why not. Next minute we’re on the way to get the tram and I’m monitoring for people whilst they pee on a tree. After a few stops we get to the bar — I was warned it was really German. I’m unsure what this meant but it was fine by me. It was a small bar called Marienhof. We walked in, and all the men’s heads turned as ‘new meat’ came through the door (not me) — we’re definitely in a gay bar.

We talked, danced, I met some cute people, tried to speak/pretend to know German and I was happy. I was talking to Stepho for awhile, everyone is friends in a gay bar — I always enjoy this type of environment, I always feel safe. He was telling me about his family, his mom, dad, when he came out and other stories about his sentimental T-shirt given from his late friend. I hope to keep friends with people I meet. Even if it’s a drunken fun time we had, it’s still these particular people who made the night great. I’ve 3 new Facebook friends so we can totally lock this down.

Today, I didn’t want to totally rule out my Saturday so I eventually showered and went to buy/pick up a longboard I tracked down on eBay earlier in the week, the Berlin classified eBay called Kleinanzeigen. It was pick up only. Which meant leaving the house, hooray! But also alarmed I’m going to someone’s flat in an area I’ve no idea about and on my own to get this. You’d be surprised to know this, but I do actually run a quick risk assessment in my head before my impulsive actions going to meet people, going to their house, or have them take me somewhere (similar to the time I got in a van with a man after my phone got stolen in London). I’m totally cynical so of course I think of safety and my life of staying alive. There’s no way I couldn’t have been a threat to the person who’s inviting the stranger to pick up the longboard. It goes both ways. The 49€ (from 159.90€) newish sexy longboard is sweet.

I’m cosy on the sofa in the living room in my flat, everyone’s out and I watched 127 Hours. Another moment where it’s important to let people know where you are going or you could find yourself armless, dehydrated and nearly dead.

So here’s to making new friends and telling people where you are, just incase. Tomorrow I’m not going to be a hungover hermit and will go out for brunch and a vintage fair in Mitte, and also spruce up my new (secondhand) board.

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