BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries : Lasalle College of Arts Singapore

This world is a fashion conscious one. Most of the fashion companies in the world are reinventing themselves to be relevant to the new market that has developed. Innovation has become the key in an industry that has become overcrowded with a lot of new generation fashion companies giving a tough fight to the incumbent players. To stay relevant to the market the companies should innovate not only a new style but also make sure they showcase it in the correct way. This communication to the masses is where Fashion media professionals can come to help. These professionals help take the innovations of the brand to the people through the right medium. The field is fast growing, and there is an acute shortage of skilled professionals which makes it a lucrative offer for students who enjoy fashion and journalism.

As an offshoot of fashion journalism, a degree in fashion media and industries will get you closer to the dream job that you are looking for in your favorite fashion magazine. There are a wide variety of roles that a fashion media graduate can play. You can work for a fashion magazine collecting the latest trends on the most recent happenings in the industry. On the other hand, you can also collaborate with a fashion brand to improve their portfolio and communicate the same with the media world. The options are unlimited. This course is suitable for whoever likes the fashion industry and wants to be a part of it.

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Lasalle College of the Arts is a Singapore based publicly funded art institution. Established in the year of 1984, it is one of the top schools offering art courses in the country. It has eight arts and design schools across the country offering more than 30 different undergraduate and postgraduate courses that cover a broad range of spectrum in arts education. The Faculty of Design offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons) course in Fashion Media and Industries under the Lasalle College of Arts. The faculty of design is situated in the vast McNally campus of the Lasalle College of Arts. It is located in the Rochor area of Singapore and covers an area of one hectare.

To apply for the course, the candidates must have completed higher secondary level education. The qualification includes Singapore-Cambridge GCE “A” Level with 2 ‘A’ level subjects. Students who have completed a polytechnic diploma or an International Baccalaureate (IB) is also accepted. The admission process will be based on the academic performance in the qualifying examination as well as the personal audition conducted by the institution. For students whose medium of instruction is other than English, a satisfactory score on the English Language Examination — TOEFL is mandatory to join the course.