Common Entrance Exam Design (CEED) for admission into M.Des

Have you ever thought of entering the imaginative world of design and create marvelous pieces of wonder that have the potential to change the world technologically, artistically and even at times culturally? If yes, the exam called CEED or Common Entrance Exam Design which provides you an entry to major colleges like IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, IIITDM Jabalpur and IISC Bangalore for courses of Master in Design (M.Des) and Ph.D. is one that you have been waiting for.

Designing is the pinnacle of creativity and is the optimum product of once imagination. Every beautiful or scientific masterpiece is an outcome of a great design. The Taj, Cars, airplane and even the magic of Wright brothers that made us fly are all outcomes of great design. CEED is the chance for every design aspirant to put their winged imagination on paper and replicate the likes of Da Vinci. The genius was a great designer who was way ahead of his time by designing helicopters, submarines, gliders and many advanced technologies that are still to be understood. Due to this importance and impregnable importance of designers the industry is always and will always be in dire need of qualified professionals in the field of design. This is a profession of continuous observation and learning. While these two skills seem easy to have it’s actually very difficult to have them and string them together in one flow. This is exactly where these colleges of extremely high repute step in. Although there is no doubt that one can always enter the battlefield of designers with degrees and knowledge from other institutes but these colleges have had an undisputable track record of producing the best. They not only provide the students with the knowledge and guide them to hone their ability to transform thoughts into reality but also boost their morale and focus on the overall development of an individual. The beauty of this exam is that it allows a person to choose Ph.D. or M.Des as per his or her wish.

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In a world driven by entrepreneurs and their innovation its quite evident that Designing is the way, the world is leading it’s a great opportunity for every eligible candidate who has any aspiration to enter the world of design to move forward brush up his mental skills and be geared up for facing CEED. This 2 legged exam may open the doors of many premiere Institutes for him/her. While it does not guarantee an admission it puts them in a forefront of many other exams. After clearing their exams and passing their courses one can be counted as the cream of the elite designing professionals