Students design a solar based house: IIT Bombay

A new sustainable house that has been designed and rebuilt by the IITians, is said to be running on energy that are collected by the rooftop solar panels and are they are at present generating excess energy levels during bright sunny days, which are stored for the future purposes. The students have named their own team as ‘SHUNYA’, which denotes the Sustainable Habitat for their Urbanizing nation that are created by a bunch of young aspirants.

The Journey that started in 2014: Solar Decathlon:

They are the only group that got selected and represented India to take part with the Solar Decathlon, which is said to be an international competition that has been challenging various groups across the world to build their own functional solar powered kind of house with the new cutting edge technology built inside them, and it should all be done with a short span of about twelve days.

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During the year 2018, this competition shall be taking place in the city named as Dezhou in China. This young IITian packed engineers and other architects have previously taken part with the same challenge, which was known as ‘Olympics of the Solar Powered Houses’ that happened in Europe 2014, and they were even honoured with a a special mention that said ‘sustainability’.

The Project Solarise:

This new, young and extremely talented team named ‘SHUNYA’ has even planned to develop a project that shall showcase about two thousand square feet with one floor villa, and shall be used to heat, ventilate and air condition the HVAC type of system. They shall be designed to go easy with any kind of climatic conditions that one can witness around Amaravati.

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This project has been named as ‘Project Solarise’ and it will have many of the modern life style and other futuristic amenities in them.

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