Mini Degens — and Axie Infinity Rival? Relaunch Coming Soon

Mini Degens is a much anticipated Play-to-Earn (P2E) MMORPG based in the lands of Trezor, a Miniverse encompassing a world of adventure, NFT integration and an in-game marketplace.

What’s coming in the next few weeks?

As some of you may know, we have announced a HUGE re-launch; complete with a new contract, rebranding, a new website, a game trailer 🎁, alpha game release, and heavy marketing!

Our old token will be surpassed by a newer and more future proof V2 token with flexible tax rates.

The re-launch event will give new investors an equal opportunity to get in on the action and load up on MDegens tokens ahead of the huge storm that’s coming. It also provides a great opportunity for us to grow our community in preparation for Alpha release.

Alpha testing and heavy marketing is planned following launch to keep momentum up until BETA is released. We are expecting to list on CG and CMC within the first few weeks after launch and will pursue exchanges in the future.

V2 Contract Tokenomics

With the new contract comes new Tokenomics to digest. Total Tax for the new contract upon launch is 8% buy (12% sell).

💸 6% (10%) Marketing Tax
🏦 2% (2%) Liquidity Pool Tax

We have increased marketing to 6% buy and 10% sell respectively, which will be deposited into the marketing wallet and sold manually by the team, to avoid negative pressure on the chart.

The liquidity pool is fundamental for maintaining price stability.

More about the team

The Mini Degens Miniverse is being built by our lead developers in partnership with a professional development firm (Studio Muse) to help meet the requirements of the projects vision in ample time.

We also have a dedicated graphics team who are working on the website, in-game visuals, characters, and marketing graphics.

Along with this, we have a dedicated marketing expert with 8 years experience working for a top marketing firm in Germany (Ultra Instinct Marketing). He has worked with a number of other projects which have seen rises of 20 and 50x. With his use of expert, passive and aggressive marketing strategies, for Mini Degens the moon really isn’t that far away.

An Update from the Development Team

Notes from the most recent meeting with the development team:

The first part of the meeting focused on making sure everything was in-line and prepared ready for our relaunch, alpha and everything else that’s coming over the next period. The professional creation of our corporate identity (branding) is key for our future image and will enable us to reach new frontiers! Muse and our marketing expert Ultra will work closely together to ensure Mini Degens finally gets the recognition we so greatly deserve, enabling us to make a huge impression on the P2E multiverse.

What Else is StudioMuse Responsible For?

  • Consulting on brand identity
    • Logo redesign
    • Brand book development
    • Promotional materials (swag) design
    • Brand merchandise
    • Creative direction consultancy
    • Creative conceptualizing
    • Set of graphic designs and illustrations
    • Brand positioning
    • Marketing analytics

As we have shared in our Telegram group; we have created our starting zone with the starting city ‘Trezor’! Demonstrating this to the public is important to us, and we will be doing this by creating a initial teaser trailer (stay tuned).We will also be working on the level-system (which we will cap at level 50 for the first game release) combined with two classes; Degen Warrior & Degen Wizard. These classes will be free to switch or combine at any time for all players.

Actions in Progress:
• Gather Professions (Mining, WoodCutting, Herbalism).
• Crafting Professions (Blacksmithing, Lumberer, Alchemist).
• Starting zone Cave finished.
• User interface & menu’s redesign to our own Mini Degens design.
• And of course.. our relaunch!

Relaunch Updates:
The current standing of the migration wallet is:
743,979,326,312,548.906173116 MDegens.
This comes to 74.3979% of the supply. Already this is already a very big chunk of our current liquidity, so to everyone who already trusted the process and sent in the V1 tokens, THANK YOU!

To anyone who has not completed migration yet — do not stress! You still have plenty of time to do so.
VC will be open from time to time for anyone who has any questions regarding the migration, or you can just ask any of our mods.
Remember you can always contact @ojintimo on telegram (to double check if you’re talking to the right person just tag me in the telegram main chat)

Want to join in on the fun?

📱 Drop in on Telegram:
😋 Check out our Socials:




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Mini Degens Medium Page - A play to earn MMORPG coming soon.

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