Mozfest 2016


What did I do?

Over the course of the weekend I ran 5 laser cutting workshops. 2 were based on showing how you can convert hand drawn images into a file that can be cut on the laser cutter, suing the bitmap to svg tool in Inkscape. The other 3 involved teaching people how they could build up a design from scratch in Inkscape.

What did we make?

Some designs being laser cut.
Some designs that have been fully cut and are still in the laser cutter.

What did I learn?

This was the first time that I’d taught Inkscape on this scale, the only other times I’ve taught it it’s been one on one or a group of 4. It’s difficult to teach in a short space of time, because you need to cover quite a lot before you can begin to put a design together, this lead to all my workshops overrunning. If I run the workshop again, I’d have to reduce the number of participants and increase the duration of the workshop. This would help to make the weekend less chaotic for me, and would give me a chance to explore the festival as this year I didn’t get a chance to leave the prototyping lab, and ensure that everyone’s design gets cut in time.

Running a practice workshop on the Friday helped to get an idea of timings, and allowed me to train up some helpers, who did a great job assisting over the weekend (thank you Claire, Joseph, Dervla and Milton).

Using gifs on a slideshow to demonstrate the tool in Inkscape worked really well, as it could show people what to do leaving me free to go around and help with people who had queries or were stuck.

What did I take from Mozfest?

Mozfest was chaotic, exhausting and even brought me to tears at points however it had moments that were incredibly rewarding.

There was one lady who enjoyed the workshop on the Saturday so much that that evening she installed Inkscape and worked on a design that night. She came back on the Sunday and cut it out, she was so pleased with how it turned out and it was great to play a part in her excitement.

There was also a little boy who loved buses, and was incredibly inquisative, he was a joy to work with and he was so sweet he drew me out some bus information.


Written by

17yo European Digital Girl of the Year 2013 Raspberry Jamboree Campus Party

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