The Nigerian American

How I learned to embrace my Naija roots.

A portrait angle photo of me that has been edited so my face is 50% superimposed with the American flag and 50% the Nigerian.
A collage of different Nigerian people clothed in their native attire.
Wow, look at all the nakedness.
A photo of a monument in Abuja, Nigeria in the middle of two highways.
Wow, look at all the huts.
A photo of a crying black kid with the caption #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how it felt to be called an African booty scratcher.
A GIF of young African kids doing the “Shoki” dance.
Honestly, truly, my people are just amazing
A photo of me in my native attire.
Wawuuu, See Fine Boy



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I'm not sure if I have a subject matter I stick to besides Life. The one consistent thing about my writing is that it will always be Honest & Open.