Good day dear partners!

The team of the international project MiningNow, hastens to inform you that our ico has been successfully completed. And so, let’s sum up.

All in all ico stages, 129 investors were involved. 3.458.000 euros of investments were collected. The general release of mnw tokens 323 591. Already today, the technical capabilities of the MiningNow project include the following parameters. Installed 1140 farms, the total capacity is 1400 kW with a generation capacity of 1.28 biticons per day.

According to the financial component. The distributable income for February is 0.32 euro cents per a token. The current ROI is 155% per annum. Of these, 44% are monthly payments, the rest is the increase in the price of the token from November to March.

Thanks to all who have invested and continue to partner with us. Stay tuned for further announcements and news. Let’s mine together!