Saruda Viracha (Student ID: 5728640557)

#1 How did the Renaissance impact the use of scientific principles and technological advancement?

Ans: In the Renaissance time people think that they can raise crops in the ground they stay only in one place to do this thing . The old people or the sick people stay home . The family will lived together in the same land .It didn't impact much because on the Renaissance people still don't know about scientific and technological they still do everything by hand in there family. But the problem is they were having a question that who owned which land? who got to use the available water? .

#2 What impact did the use of science and technology during the Industrial Revolution have on society?

Ans: During the Industrial Revolution ther were no impact because many people got job in the factory for example: hustband have to go and work in the factory but his wife still work at home tending to first wave duty and this make the hustband learn more and have skill to make a job from the factory.

#3 What is Toeffler’s Third Wave theory and where do you think Thailand is in his suggested theory of change?

Ans: Thailand have to develop more about Internet because people in the coutryside could learn even they are not in the school the internet or wifi should be in every place in Thailand so people could learn and communication to each other in any time.

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