Minter’s Month in Review — June 2020

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In the past 30 days, Minter’s native digital coin made some serious progress in trading on an open market. Bithumb Global saw record-breaking trading volumes, Hotbit successfully listed BIP in two pairs at once, and CoinGecko — whose credibility is hard to overestimate — started ranking the network by its capitalization.

Step by step, the community is migrating to a single informational website, which is First users have already signed up for MinterID, set up their public profiles, and joined the POPularization.

As our product focus remains fixed on rewards, the community approached Reddit and CoinGecko with a proposition to integrate Minter coins.




  • MinterID launched, almost 8,000 users already registered
  • Reddit’s potential Minter blockchain-based reward system case-studied
  • Public MinterID profiles rolled out
  • The “Top stories” spot claimed several times on Medium for #cryptocurrency and #blockchain tags
  • Market cap now calculated on CoinGecko
  • Over 111,000 daily transactions
  • Guidelines helping exchanges integrate BIP released
  • Delegator activity on the rise
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 beta-rested on iOS and Android


  • BIP sale/purchase terms drafted by Minter Global



  • Hotbit listing ad campaign run
  • @MinterContestBot launch ad campaign run
  • Number of unique visits increased


  • listing
  • Daily trading volumes peaked at 20M BIP
  • Order books for all pairs across all exchanges contained tens of millions of BIP
  • USDEX stablecoin launched

Minter Development Foundation

  • First POP grants awarded
  • DEV initiative in the works



  • Consensus reached on introducing ticker ownership rights, setting the upper limit for validators to 64
  • New version of the node in progress
  • Coin ticker ownership model formalized
  • MinterEVM improvements, a smart contract lottery implementation example presented
  • Transaction decoding tool developed


  • BIP Wallet 2.0 tested publicly
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 bugs fixed
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 release preparation
  • Interface improvements


  • BIP Wallet 2.0 tested publicly
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 bugs fixed
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 release preparation
  • Bugs located during beta tests fixed


  • Basic network data on issued, delegated, and circulated BIP now available (link)


Console & Explorer

  • A few minor Console issues resolved
  • Display of a newly created MultiSig after sending a transaction fixed
  • Preparation for integrating MinterEVM into Console
  • Time now synced in Explorer
  • The /api/v1/info method added to Explorer
  • Explorer v2.0 release being prepared

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter0620 tag.

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