Minter’s Month in Review — May 2020

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Last month marked one year since we had launched the Mainnet, so it’s especially interesting to take a look at the amount of work being done in the present. The core team (Grom) is working on the release of MinterEVM, announcement of MinterAPI, updated wallets, and a mass-market product named Pinpon. Minter Development Foundation has successfully trialed MinterID and prepared a popularization program called POP. Minter Global OÜ supported several listings, providing legal assistance at every stage and acting as a market maker.

The most significant achievements, however, were community-initiated listings on the exchanges from the top 50: Bithumb Global (finished) and Hotbit (in progress).

Now, let’s go through this past month in detail, point by point.


  • The first mass-market product for rewards and gifts announced: Pinpon, an application for getting rewards and putting them to use
  • Formats outlined for the integration of coins into the promotional posts on Instagram and Telegram
  • Crypto and blockchain components removed entirely out of both users’ and businesses’ sights
  • The first pre-set (quick set-up) created, allowing one to launch a campaign in one minute: coins, links, terms of distribution and acceptance
  • Negotiations underway with pioneer advertisers and bloggers on launching pilot campaigns as soon as this summer
  • Businesses will be able to launch campaigns using fiat (bank cards), their own BIP (comes handy if you’re an integrator), or grants (popular brands)
  • Assessment of whether Money Transmission rules may apply to the Minter’s reward system
  • A grant coin issued to support teams and persons popularizing BIP on a global scale
  • MinterID ranking principles set out to prevent bots and cheating: popularity, activity, stakes
  • Product- and promo-related plans revealed by Evgeny Gordeev
  • MinterID-, multi-signature-based user asset storage system presented
  • 50 million BIP allocated for the promotion of BIP and Minter through the POP coin
  • A large-scale ad campaign for an event in partnership with Bithumb Global: educational articles and tens of posts on the most-followed Telegram channels
  • BIP’s addition to a popular portfolio tracking app Delta
  • Drafting of a promo campaign for Rewards App (Instagram and Telegram) and laying ground for further integration with bloggers
  • BIP’s listing on Bithumb Global
  • Over 40 million BIP traded on Bithumb Global in the first week
  • Participation in the preliminary round of candidates selection for the listing voting on
  • An average daily trading volume across exchanges: $40,000–$80,000
  • Security audit of major BIP exchange services impending
  • Preparatory work on Hotbit listing
  • 1,800 members joined a trading-focused chat in the first month
  • Official enlightenment activity in the U.S. approved
  • Minter representative licensing program announced
  • Minter Development Foundation’s 2019 report submitted to the I.R.S.
  • Tax Exemption status obtained


  • The network turned one
  • Team’s tech road map shared by Daniil Lashin
  • Test network updated to version 1.1.7
  • MinterEVM Service bug testing and refinement
  • MinterEVM and MinterAPI technical description prepared
  • A public testing version released
  • An ability to send Ethereum transactions to MinterEVM via the Console added
  • Demo smart contracts development
  • Development of a coin ticker change concept to be introduced in Minter 2.0
  • Development of a delegator reward manual request concept to be introduced in Minter 2.0
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 go-live date scheduled
  • Tests and improvements of BIP Wallet 2.0’s pre-release version
  • Bug testing and preparation for beta testing
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 go-live date scheduled
  • Tests and improvements of BIP Wallet 2.0’s pre-release version
  • Bug testing and preparation for beta testing
  • API updated to version 2.0
  • State storage and logging added to API 2.0
  • Explorer API 2.0 documentation introduced
  • PHP SDK updated along with more detailed documentation
  • Go SDK updated along with more detailed documentation
  • C++ SDK updated along with more detailed documentation
  • JS SDK updated
  • Getting Explorer v2.0 ready
  • Resulting address now displayed right when creating a MultiSig
  • Pop-up with signatures for MultiSig added
  • Client clock sync introduced for more accurate blockchain synchronization notifications
  • gas_coin now displayed in Explorer
  • Display of long strings in Payload fixed
  • Fractional part of the amount now shown properly in Explorer
  • Field names synced with node API

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter0520 tag.

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