Solving KYC-Related Issues

Oct 5, 2018 · Unlisted

When registering to participate in the Minter Early Access Campaign, all users need to go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This is due to the requirements of international law. Sum&Substance is responsible for carrying out this procedure on our website. This is a service with a worldwide reputation that many brands and companies use. All user data is stored securely and transmitted in encrypted form; more information about the security measures of the service can be found here.

You can use several methods: go to registration via Telegram Passport from a special page or via our Telegram bot.

1. Log in through an Invite Link

When clicking on a link like, the site gives an error, as this is a one-time link, intended only for registration.

So you can log in to the Dashboard, a special letter with a unique link is sent to your еmail. You can find it by the title [YOUR LOGIN LINK] or [SAVE THIS EMAIL].

The login link looks like this:…

2. Failed Verification

If the bot sends a notification that something went wrong after you submit the documents, it is often associated with the attached photos.

Make sure that all photos are made as in the illustrations, and the documents have readable text.

You can re-pass or continue verification by the authorization link that was sent to your email after registration marked [YOUR LOGIN LINK] or [SAVE THIS EMAIL].

3. Error 401 when Clicking on the Link

If a similar error occurs, try again to follow the authorization link:…

If this does not help, contact us at @MinterPSbot, specifying your email for a new link.

4. After Redirecting from Nothing Happens, the Telegram Passport Window Does Not Open

Make sure you are using the latest version of Telegram. Download it here: We also recommend using the desktop version of Telegram, as in applications for mobile devices at the moment there are often problems with the functioning of Telegram Passport.

5. It Has Been More Than 24 Hours after the Documents Were Loaded for KYC, but I Received No Notification of the Unsuccessful or Successful Passage, nor Any Invitation for Registration

This means that no confirmation has yet been received for your account regarding the passage of the KYC. Probably, there was a problem on the side of Sum&Substance, the service provider company carrying out the KYC. Report it to @minterhelpbot and try to register again. You can use the same email address by adding “+1” after the name (for example,

6. Telegram Passport Does Not Work for Me. Is It Possible to Register and Verify without It?

If you have received an invite from your friend or from one of the authorized pools (, then using it, you will pass the KYC directly through the site without using the Telegram Passport.

7. After I Uploaded the Documents and Filled in the Data in Telegram Passport, @SumSubKycBot Sent a Message: “We’ve Received Your Data, but It Doesn’t Contain Any Changes. Verification Won’t Be Attempted.”

Probably, you have already passed the verification procedure, received a refusal, and uploaded the same photos. Make sure that all photos are made as in the illustrations, and the documents have readable text.

8. The Email Has Already Been Taken

If you have already registered using your email, but something went wrong, or you want to create an additional account, simply add “+1” after the name (for example,

After that, you will receive an additional email with the new link for authorization. Thus, you can have several links that will relate to different accounts, but at the same time be stored in the same mailbox.

9. Change the Role

The role chosen in the network during registration does not impose additional restrictions; if for some reason you decided to change it, you can always do it at the very bottom of the Dashboard page:

Read more about each of the roles here.

10. Error: The Quota Has Been Exceeded

In rare cases, when trying to log in, a similar error occurs. If it happens, try following a link through another browser or reach us at @MinterPSbot.

11. @MinterNetworkBot Won’t Respond, I Can’t Press any Buttons

Try restarting the bot by sending the /start command.



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