The Importance of Reaction for Every Action!

Keeping users hooked can result in award winning projects…

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Nov 22, 2017 · 3 min read
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While creating designs, the popular trend is to make them easy to navigate and look cool. Ok we get it, looking cool is always nice. But what about the user and how cool they feel?

In an age where everyone has an answer to everything, the digital designs should have just the similar qualities. As in every digital action should provide a reaction. Every swipe, every tap, every button should come with an indicator of some sort. Not only these give the user a sense of continuity, but also enhances the overall perception of feeling secure while browsing or shopping.

However, not every interaction needs to be on the mobile platform. Versatility is important because even though most users nowadays browse online, a good deal of internet users still use desktop. Putting the two of them together, that’s the key…

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A fully interactive project for Nike

Nike’s ongoing “Better for it.” campaign for women’s collection was being adapted to Turkey and they approached us for a creative lookbook to promote new summer collection for women back then.

Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to reflect our creativity and distinctive touch, we thought about an interactive microsite where users can both take a look at the products and experience a full-on workout session. By using real life shots and a detailed scenario, we wanted to create a genuine experience for users to relate more easily. What we wanted to nail was responsive website for desktops, mobile and big touch-screens where visitors can shop, share and get inspired.

The main idea was to help a young woman with her training session and still be able to browse all the different items she had on which were also part of Nike’s summer collection. Using different cut scenes where the girl would fail to complete a move, we asked the users to use their pointer to put her back on her feet. This created a two-way communication and users would feel more involved in the story.

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Throughout the entire sequence, the user keeps making choices whether to do cardio, muscle or go for a music break and such. Each scenario has different interactions and therefore, different moves they had to assist our model. As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, all users look for two key features in digital environments: Sense of involvement and security. By focusing on the involvement part more than ever, our project managed to break the ever existing “staring into the screen” concept and put the user in the centre of the website.

See how it all came to life here:

The result? Success!

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Upon submitting our project to different both local and international committees, we started receiving such positive feedback. Both the client and the users were loving the whole experience. Our project got nominated for a Webby, won FWA’s and Awwwards Site of the Day award, as well as many other honourable mentions and local awards.

Bottom line is, all users love the idea of getting involved in a creative way. By creating designs that constantly give users feedback for their actions, we can ensure a sustainable and memorable experience.

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