Easily actionable film and video content for Social Media.

Not hopped on the film bandwagon yet? You should, all the content kings are there right now. Here’s a few ideas that might now bring you an Oscar but they won’t break the bank either.

“Neglecting video options is like ignoring a unicorn standing in the middle of the room. And, in this case, this unicorn is the king.” Larry Kim for Inc.

We all know Facebook is an ace platform for small businesses and bigger entities. But oh how the giant doth punish those who don’t play with all its toys. And it’s biggest toy right now is video. Whether it’s filmic content, live film or just a good ol’ meme, Facebook’s reach and engagement for the moving image is strong.

That said, there’s a number of reasons why it’s so daunting a prospect: firstly, film is hard to create—there’s a reason why film producers exist, because it’s bloody hard to make ’em. Secondly, it can cost and arm and a leg, and for a small firm that’s money that’s hard to part with in favour of something safer, like a direct mail campaign.

But we’ve got those smart phone-mejigemies nowadays, so grab one of those, take a dram to steady the hand and slap a bit of foundation on your forehead, cos we’re gonna make you shine on screen.

  1. Got product? Sell it to me baby. But into your smartphone, and not to me, to your audience. Everyone loves to hear someone knowledgable talking about something they love. And a product or service walkthrough is just about the easiest film you can make.
  2. Talk to a customer. Really, make a new friend. But film it. Er. Might seem weird but a good testimonial is worth gold. And in this age of smartphone narcissism everyone wants to be tagged. Maybe you’ve a restaurant, grab a hearty eater and ask how their meal was? Or you’ve a garage and just done a great bit of panel work, get the car owner to endorse it on a Facebook live film.
  3. A random how-to. Want to know what people search for lots? How-to’s. How to sew a button onto a shirt. How to cook with curry paste. How to make love (ok, save that for ‘Hub). How to give a presentation. All easy to do in one go with minimal editing or practice (assuming you do actually know how and to).
  4. New items. Got new stock? Definitely give that an airing. Do an unboxing everytime you get a delivery. Tag the makers of the product too while you’re at it and see if you can tap into their respective audiences.
  5. Panel debate. Grab a mate for this one, to help with the filming. Or buy a cheapo tripod for your phone. A little harder to set up perhaps, given that you may have to juggle timings for your fellow debators. But since the dawn of time, people have enjoyed watching other people have a good old natter. Used to be called a chat show if we’re not mistaken. Talk about something relevant to what you do and see if you can’t share some content joy with your audience.

Go forth, film, make Facebook love you.

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