Five reasons why email marketing works

Stop ‘em in their tracks and make them stay a while. One of the many beauties of email marketing.

When it comes to getting ‘bang fer yer buck’ email is still king. Here’s why we think it’s so great.

For the small business, the humble email offers the most efficient and cost effective forms of online marketing, bringing fantastic results. Do a quick search and you’ll pull up a host of statistics supporting this fact.
“Yeah, you would say that Minutemailer!”

True, we do love it. But ours is not blind love, it’s an affection based on solid results. Here are a few of the many reasons why we love it, why we use it, and why we recommend that you do to as part of your marketing efforts.

People add their details to a mailing list for a reason, that’s a rare gift for any small business.
Earn trust and you’ll make sales: 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on trusted sources than just 7% who would make a purchase uninformed.
  1. Trust converts.
    Real people have given you their contact details in the knowledge that you will send them information about your business. That’s a big deal.
    Someone you don’t know is willing to share their personal information so you can contact them. They trust you to inform them and, as a result, your mails stand a much higher chance of being opened, and responded to, than those sent to them by a third party.
  2. Word of mouth.
    If you send one of your contacts a good email with something great to offer, there is a very high chance they will pass that on to their own friends and contacts. A good mailout generates word of mouth. And that also increases your marketing reach, without you even lifting a finger. Win. Win.
  3. More people have email.
    Social media is brilliant. No doubting that. But look at your own family, does your gran have Twitter? Does your mum regularly hop on Instagram to look at outfits of the day? Some perhaps, but not all. So let’s not pretend that everyone is tech-savvy. But email… Most people have email. So it’s a very easy way to assemble a strong contact list that you can market to without spending too much money.
  4. Personalisation and segmentation.
    With email (and great platforms like Minutemailer) you can be far more personal without having to spend lots of time doing so. In a few minutes you can split your contact list up into simple segments. Let’s say you have a notebook by your cashregister where customers give you their email. If you ask them to add whether they’ve got kids then you can make family-specific mailouts. Damn, that was easy. Look at their name when you create your list and you can split that into male and female too. Simple but effective. The more you can do to make people feel special and treat them as individuals will bring you great results.
  5. It’s real time.
    Something we forget is that in our Smartphone age, and during office hours, most people have an alert set for incoming mail. Email is immediate. And it comes with an automatic call to action.
    “Bleep bleep — pick me up, open me now.”
    And we do it instinctively. Very rarely do we ignore the alerts our smartphones give us. So an email or newsletter is going to get the attention of the receiver. An immediate form of communication between your business and someone we already know wants to hear from you. Apply a bit of pre-scheduling and you‘ll also catch them just at the right time.
Mail your contacts, mail them as friends, with something they need to know, something they want to share, and they’ll open it and love you for it.