Five simple content ideas for Newsletters

Because working smart is working hard.

Congratulations, you chose Minutemailer as your email newsletter platform moohigamy. A wise move. And you’ve been turning out a newsletter or two here and there but now need to step it up. Problem town beckons though as you’re only now beginning to realise that, although creating your emails with Minutemailer takes just minutes, filling the ruddy things with great content takes a while.

So strap in friends, because today we’re looking at five simple content streams for your newsletters.

A letter from the boss.
Every now and then a little note from the boss/owner/founder goes down a treat. It makes what you do more human. And the boss always has a thing or two to say. Hell, if you’re lucky you’ve got an amazing, inspirational boss whose words are like gold. If you don’t then just move swiftly on and forget we ever mentioned it.

A note from a star employee.
So, the boss idea was a no-go. Never mind, there’s other people you can scoop content from. Your star employees. Give them an interview. Ask about their favourite things. Hit send.

Grab a customer.
If you’re bricks’n’mortar, this one is a bit easier than if you’re digital or a SaaS like us. But grab a customer and ask them what they’re buying/doing/liking. Ask why they came to the store too, that’s always a good proof of concept for recipients of your email/newsletter.

Opinions. We all have ‘em.
And no doubt your company can contribute to a plethora of discussions on topics ranging from current affairs to cultural issues which support your industry or may inspire the readers of your newsletter. Sharing is giving.

We’ll be back again soon with more tips.