Don’t see red, we’ve more content ideas for your newsletters.

Great Newsletter Content Ideas (yes, more of them).

A continuation of our mega-guide, best blog post about email content, ultimate guide yadda yadda to easy content for your email newsletters. Why? Because marketing should be simple.

Last week we wrote a few of these. We could have written more but, really let’s face it, those ‘Ultimate Guides to Stuff’ posts are so damn long that, by the time you’ve actually got to the end, the will to actually act on the information is lost. So, five more ideas—then you can write a newsletter.

An inforgraphic (From someone else.)
These emails are so simple it hurts. Find a cool infographic your audience will relate to and just bash it off to the relevant contact list. Does it have to be some kind of call to action for your business? It helps. But it doesn’t have to, the very fact it’s come from you shows that you care and keeps your brand in the readers line of sight.

A milestone
Done something good? Maybe it’s your company’s anniversary? Perhaps you’ve done a great hire that’s going to improve your business and help your user or customer base. Definitely worth a mail.

Gift guide
Talk about a fun one. You can actually make a gift guide every day of the week. You don’t have to actually have a specific calendar event on the horizon. If you’re signed up to a decent clothing brand’s newsletter you’ll see these all the time. “What to get the XXX who has everything.” etc. Repeat as desired.

Nom nom nom
What do people do every day? Well, ever five out of seven days? Eat a boring old lunch at their desks, that’s what. Until now of course because you can write to your contact lists with a simple recipe copied and pasted from any number of sources.

Pinterest boards
Ah Pinterest and the murky waters of copyright. Who really does own what? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there are thousands upon thousands of great Pinterest accounts about every subject under the sun to raid and plunder and point your contacts in the direction of.

Want more tips? OK, we’ll do more of these. Want the easiest email platform in the world to send your new content to? OK, sure use: Minutemailer