A blog is one of the best tools available for the small business to engage and retain their customers.

Thinking of starting a blog?

Here’s the Minutemailer thoughts on the matter.

Given that this is Minutemailer’s first post, we’ll clarify what we’re trying to do with our Medium flow. We’ve noticed that there’s loads of marketing sites and posts out there with great advice, yet it’s tough to find some with straight forward, plain English tips for the everyman. The guy who runs your local cafe, the woman who drives the removal van, the chap who mends your shoes… So that’s what we’re going to be writing.

Because it’s hard when you’re a smaller company.

We’re actually all in the same boat because Minutemailer is a small company itself. So we’re going to try and lead by example, using Minutemailer as an ongoing case study alongside other Minutemailer users.

We’ll try and keep everything on this blog nice and easy to digest. Something you can read on the bus, while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew… and we’ll always try and finish with some easy bullet points (‘take aways’ if you want to throw a cliche out there and impress a client) to help jog your memory.

As this is out first post, let’s talk about blogging.

There’s lots of information out there about the pros and cons but, for us, we think blogging (or original content generation) is probably the best way for a small operation to make itself heard above all the digital chatter. So, our first tip is simply to get blogging.

You can choose a subject connected to what you do but sometimes it can be easier to write more loosely at the beginning. In reality, the best blogs generate their loyal audience by being honest and relevant for those who read it. When writing, try to focus on your own customers and readers.

Think long term and focus on your readers

If you’re new to the game, think about write about a subject you actually enjoy. That way it will seem less of a chore and more of a joy, which the reader will appreciate and connect with.

One of the toughest things about blogging is to keep momentum over time, so by all means start slow but do be regular — if you’re building an audience then they’re coming to you for a reason.

You can take your own images if you feel comfortable or pinch them from the web (nicely, try to give a credit if you can) and don’t stress too much about grammar or spelling mistakes. It’s a blog, not a legal document. That said, give things a run through a spell checker if you’ve got time or, better still, get a colleague to take a peek.

Often it’s good to have a little schedule, a day or two in which you always write about the same thing. This makes it easy to write a little batch of posts in advance if you’re off on holiday. And remember to share your posts on your social media channels, so that others can enjoy them and spread them.

Ultimately, the blog is a great format, a place that you can engage openly with your customers and, if done well, a fantastic way to convert content into sales.

If you’re feeling ready to embark on your own blog adventure, we wish you a fantastic voyage, and remember to send us a postcard (or a link).

Minutemailer Takeaways:
1. Start blogging at your own pace and stick at it.
2. Choose a subject you’ll enjoy writing about.
3. Share on social media.
4. Use a spellcheck or a colleague/friend.