My summer project

Today I want to tell you about the project which I made for the company “ Russian Style “ and problems which I faced .

This company works with smitheries . One day I have got a call from “Russian Style “ company and they made me an offer to create a 3d model based on a design . I accepted an offer and was appointed for the meeting . When I met a client he showed me the design and told me that he will send it to me via email. Besides we were discussing other moments . The only thing that seemed to me strange is that he was giving me full right to change this design and create 3d model based on it . So I was looking forward to start this project. As I only did models of buildings before I didn’t know how to make a model of gates . But this was not the main problem . I asked him for meeting and then he explained me everything we even went to see ready works of this company . And then everything was clear for me. I’ve got benefit from it and even understood which textures to use for visualization.

So go back to the problem with 3d programming . After brainstorming i remembered that there is such a great program called Fusion 360 . And I started doing it in this program . And again faced a lot of problems . I didn’t know how to make models in the Sculpture mode . I started searching for good tutorials which could help me but I couldn’t find them . Deadline was coming and I didn’t know what to do . (As I had two weeks for task ) I even wanted to reject the offer but then I realized that each 3d program has similar functions . And started learning Sculpture mode myself. When I started visualization in Keyshot program I faced another problem . My computer couldn’t calculate the visualization process though I had powerful comp . Program was using 2 gigabyte of RAM but my comp possess with 16 . I was looking for the solution during 5 hours . And I changed all options to the highest mode and the program started working on 8 g . After all I understood that you can learn how to use any program on your own.

And that’s what I did

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