An ordinary memory got a special place in Hadi’s mind

The boy name was Mir Hadi , he was chilling with his friends in 6th standard. As Mrs Nohreen entered and a silent fell in the class, not because she is very much strict but the children loved to enjoy her classes, she is in her early forties and. her face was florid . She amused the children that they(children) know the answers and she act as she doesn’t know and in this way children gain confident by guessing answers. Mir Hadi was a normal student with average math skill and Mrs Nuhreen had praised him in the staff room .

It was customary of the Nuhdarbar school to organise a function two months after the final term and students would receive trophies and gifts whom have gotten the position and school will arrange IQ competition, singing competition and drama . Two weeks before the function Mrs Nuhreen had some personal work and she agreed her niece Miss Hani to go on behalf of her. On the first day of her when she enters the 6th standard Hadi was shocked to see a girl so much gorgeous. After the classes school principal told her to take responsibility of drama .

Here Mir Hadi didn’t get a chance in singing competition and his IQ level wasn’t so good that’s why he went to participate in drama when he heard that Miss Hani is arranging the dramas activities then he became very much excited. In the drama there was a dance group scene that everyone has to hold another person hand and dance. Coincidentally Miss Hani called Hadi and said “Come here, hold my hand and dance” with me” at first he didn’t know what to do but spontaneously he went to her hold hand and he felt that he had achieved that desire which was impossible to achieved . After that Mrs Nuhreen came and Miss Hani had lifted the school and Hadi never seen her in his entire life but an ordinary memory got a special place in Hadi’s mind and that ordinary memory changed entire upcoming life of Mir Hadi.

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