Chapter One


If you’re reading this it’s probably almost too late. You could be in grave danger of they found out you saw this. If you want to be safe, just put the book down, walk away, and never open it again. Don’t turn the page or read the last one, just put it down. If you really want to be safe, burn it. Throw it into a nice big bonfire for some kind of celebration. Then burn all evidence of you ever purchasing this book. And forget anything and everything you have read. And maybe move to a new place and change your name.Then you will defiantly probably be safe.

It’s that serious. You don’t want to get caught with this book in your hands.

[Thanks for the nice introduction Natalie, now had the mic over, I’m the one talking.]

Alright, still reading? Good. We needed to be sure only the bravest of people would read this.

[“That or just really curious or dumb people.”]

“Shush! Katie! It’s my turn to talk!”

Sorry, that was Katie in the background. You’ll meet her later, but for now, you have me!

So, hi. I’m Mal. Well, actually my full name will come up later, but for now I just go by Mal. I seem like am ordinary girl, but I have special…abilities. It’ll be easier to explain later. If you really want to know more about me, well, here is our story.

My trouble started a year ago, before all this other nonsense started happening. Since I was growing older my powers, abilities, if you don’t mind me calling them that, started to grow unstable. They were unpredictable. I didn’t have a home, and I didn’t know who my parents were, so I was in a foster home, and didn’t have anyone to turn to. I could have asked Mrs. Colins, the foster home caretaker, but I was too afraid of what she would say.

One night, I’m not sure why, but I was really frustrated with something or someone. I tried calming down, but my emotions were raging out of control, so I went and hid out in my room. I was the only girl with her own room, because I was the oldest, even though I was only fourteen. When I went to my room, I dove under the covers and tried to fall asleep, failing miserably.

Then I started to feel really hot. Like ridiculously hot. I peaked my head out from under my blankets, and saw that the bottom of my bed was in flames. I jumped out of bed, tring to keep myself from screaming. If anyone found out I had started that I would be in big trouble. They could find out about my abilities!

The fire quickly engulfed my bed. Not knowing why, I ran to my closet, grabbed my favorite blanket and stuffed animal, a small black and brown puppy with bunny ears, and afew other provisions I’d hidden in my closet, and stuffed them into a small backpack.

[Why!? Oh…yeah. Nevermind.]

By then the fire had spread to the door, so I ran to the window flung it open and jumped.

[Was that really very smart of you?]

Yes Katie, I was on the first floor, not to mention my entire room was engulfed in flames.

The window was only two feet off the ground, and when I landed I ran, hard. I couldn’t face what I had done. I didn’t know where I was running to, or how long I would be running, but somehow I found the strength to run all night. I ran through town after town, through snowy fields, and over several bridges.

When the sun finally started to rise, I found myself in a small city. I walked around for a bit, hoping to look normal. I peaked in store window, faking window shopping. I waved at other people walking around the city.

I had a bit of spare money in my backpack, so I stopped in a small bakery and bought a glazed donut. It was really big. I asked the cashier for a bag, then left the bakery, continuing around the town, munching on my treat.

Eventually I found an abandoned mattress warehouse. It looked like it had been shut down for many years now. There was nothing left but a long conveyer belt with alot of loose and missing parts, and some ropes and pulleys.

I was tired so I curled up in the middle of the floor and fell into a deep, fitful sleep.

I dreamed about living in a large mansion with my parents. The walls and floors were white, and the blankets were as soft as silk. The rooms had golden trim and canopy beds. The living room had huge couches and a fifty inch flat screen TV.

I walked into my room, and found a large closet, full of beautiful dresses and accessories. I was amazed. Then I smelled something burning. I ran out and my bed was on fire. Then the entire room was in flames.

This isn’t real, I told myself, Wake…up!

I sat up, but not in the warehouse. I was in a giant living room with huge fluffy sofa’s and chairs. I gasped. The warehouse had been turned into the mansion I was dreaming about! How had this happened?!

I ran outside, stepping in piles of snow that had been pushed in front of the building. The front of the warehouse had been turned into a beautiful white entrance, with pillars leading away from the door, creating an amazing entry way. I stood there gaping at the building. When I finally turned around, I expected to see others starting up at the amazing architecture. But instead, people were just walking by, never glancing at the mansion.

An older woman by, accidentally bumping into me.

“Excuse me, ma’am” I said, “But what do you see when you look at that building?”

“What building? There ain’t no building there,” she answered me.

I blinked, was the woman blind? Instead of contradicting her, I just apologized, “ Oh yeah, sorry, I must have been hallucinating .”

The woman gave me a discussed look, which wasn’t very fair considering she had been the one to walk into me, and continued walking. I ran back inside the building, which was real despite the old woman’s reaction. I decided I would go check the rest of the mansion out.

I walked up the grand staircase, and went into the first door on the right. It was a large bedroom, just like the one in my dream. The curtains were silky and gold, the closer huge and full of every type of clothes and accessories a girl could ever need.

I exited the room, and headed back downstairs into the kitchen. The pantry was stocked full of all my favorite foods; popcorn, pasta, goldfish, hot cocoa, and much more.

I found a huge library with tall bookshelves, full of every book you could ever imagine. In the center of the round library there was a large sitting area, with cushy chairs and tables to hold books. There were statues lining the wall around me. I wondered what they were for.

How had I done this? This was amazing! There was room for anyone and anything here. But nobody could see it. How had I made the building invisible to the human eye? Better yet, why?

I ran upstairs to the room I’d been in earlier and flopped down on the bed. I glanced at the table beside me. There was a small alarm clock on it that read 5:36pm. I glanced out the window to my left. It was already dark.

“Great,” I muttered to myself, “Just great. It’s December twenty first. The winter solstice. My half birthday.”

I don’t have a huge problem with the winter solstice, but let me put it this way; some part of my powers will “glitch” and rage out of control. I can normally hide it, but it’s painful.

Thankfully the day was almost over. I curled up under my blankets and laid there for a bit. Then the bed disappeared and I fell to the floor. The bed reappeared above me, floating in the air for a minute, then began falling down towards me. I rolled out of the way, banging my arm on the bed after it had landed.

Then, of course, the floor underneath me disappeared and I fell into the library. The statues I had seen were milling about the room, putting books on the shelves. I let out a small shreak at the odd sight and ran out of the room. I know alot about mythology, Egyption, Greek, Roman. These were Egyption Shabti. They shouldn’t have come alive without an order.

I ran back upstairs to my room, and grabbed my bag, which was laying next to the huge bed. I went over to the spot where I had fallen through the floor. I dropped my bag onto that spot. It stayed in the room. I breathed a sigh of relief. I glanced at the clock. It now read 6:28, six more hours left of glitches. I climed in bed. It seemed the safest place at the moment.

I layed there for the next six hours. The bed glitched several times, dumping me into the library. By 12:47 the glitching had finally stopped and I had fallen into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, sunlight was streaming in though my windows. I closed my eyes, trying to fall back asleep. It felt like a school morning, knowing I had to get out of bed, but fighting the thought. Outside car horns were honking, tires squeezing. I made a mental note to make the walls sound proof sometime.

Eventually I gave up and flung myself off the bed. I walked out of my room, still on my clothes form the day before, and went down the stairs.

I sat down on the large sofa, and flipped on the large TV. I flipped through a couple of channels until I found one that peaked my intrest. There was a news report about a building that was set on fire. It didn’t take my long to realize that it was the fire I had started. The news anchor said only one life had been lost in the fire, started by an unknown cause. A 14 year old girl, the oldest in the house, couldn’t be found anywhere and was believed to be dead.

They thought I was dead?! What the!? I was sitting right here watching the report!

I turned the TV off, new worries filling my head. If someone found me, what would happen to me? Would they take me to a hospital? If they did, would the doctors find out about my powers? If they did, what they do to me? I had to stay hidden. I couldn’t let anyone find me.

Mallory? Can you hear me? Mal? I jumped, looking around the room. There was no one there.

If you can hear me please respond, I have vital information you need to know.

I looked around the room again. Nobody was there. The voice was in my head.

What!? I thought, Who is this?

Mal! I dont have time to explain, where are you I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

How do I know I can trust you?

Fine, I’m your older sister Natalie, I need to get to you and quick. Now where are you!?

What? I don’t have a sister! I’ve been alone my entire life!

Please, I promise I am your sister. You need to trust me. Please.

The last word sounded like barely a whisper, as if this unseen person was begging me to believe them. The thing was, I really did believe her. IWhich thankfully was a good thing.

Alright, I thought, I trust you. I’m in what used to be an old rusty warehouse, but now is a large mansion.

Alright, I don’t have much longer, I will talk to you when I find you.

With that the tingling feeling left my head, and exhausted I slumped down in the sofa.