He recognized that face, that evil smile, brown wavy hair and eyes. Eyes cold as ice. But he just couldn’t put a name to that face. Onyx heard Lacie muttering next to him,


Then it hit him like a rock.

“Chiara,” He whispered.

“What?” Lacie looked up.

“Chiara,” he said, “ That’s her name, Chiara.”

“Are you sure, Crystal Boy? Have you seen her before?”

“No.” His immediate anwser flew out of him before he had a chance to tell the truth. “Well, I mean, yes, yes I kinda sorta have seen her before.”


“It doesn’t matter,” Onyx said quickly.

“Crystal Boy-”

“It. Doesnt. Matter.”

“Ok, ok,” Lacie said in defeat.

“Where do we need to go to find her?” Mira asked.

“I’m not sure, if I knew, I would have already-” Onyx cut himself short before he gave himself away.

“You would have already what?” Lacie asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” He shoved her comment aside, turning to a pile of scrolls to his left, “Look throught the scrolls, girls, we’re looking for the location spell.”

After several hours, with no luck, Onyx was ready to give up. Lacie was sitting down, curled in a small ball. Onyx thought she was asleep. Mira was flying around the room, looking through all the higher scrolls, but her wing beats were growing slower, as she became tierd. Onyx grabbed another scroll to his right, unrolled it, then flung it over his shoulder to a pile on the left. Why couldn’t his parents have organized this better before…He snapped himself out of it.

No looking back, he scolded himself. They’re gone there is nothing you could have have done.

Then he grinned. He remembered his parents always crouding around a door before they left to go somewhere. He just had to find it. He jumped up, running to the wall then feeling around it.

“What’s he doing?” He heard Mira ask Lacie.

“I don’t know, I think we finally broke Crystal Boy.”

He ignored them, continuing to look for the door. His fingers caught and edge, and he grabbed at it with his whole hand. It opened a panel in the wall. He pressed the center button without thinking, and the wall infront of him swong open.

“What the..?” Lacie said.

Onyx ran into the room. There sitting in the middle of the room was…a big black book. Onyx’s smile dropped from his face, replaced by a look of confusion. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

“The Book Of Glocation? Wow, Onyx! I didn’t know your parents found it!” Lacie said.

“The Book of What now? Glocation? Is that even a word?”

“This book contains every map from the start of history. It can show and take you anywhere!”

“Did you say, take?”

“Yes! This book can do so much! How didn’t you know about it?”

“Later,” He said, grabbing at the book. Lacie shoved his arm aside.

“Not yet! We need to be prepared for when we storm into this Witch’s castle. Lets go get ready first.”

“What would we need?”

“I…have no clue.”

“Well then,” Onyx reached for the book, grabbed Mira and Lacie’s arms and shouted;

“Creepy Witch’s Castle! Here we come!” Then everything went black.