Inbetween the Lines

Mira’s hands were shaking as Lacie handed her the book. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but she thought Lacie had turned white. Mira glanced down at the open book. There, words shimmered on the page. Mira drew in a deep breath, and began reading outloud;

You have powers you must obtain
Without them, there is nothing to gain,
First is hidden deep inside,
A power of strength not pride.
Second you will find,
Is found hidden away from a very strong mind.
Third the power to understand,
When to take and give command
There are many more you may need
Hopefully this, will you heed.

Mira looked up from the page. Lacie looked like she was about to pass out, and Onyx was pacing around the room, muttering to himself. Then he blinked, hard.

“ I know this is completely off topic guys, but wasn’t yesterday your birthday Lacie?”

“ I don’t know, what is today?”

“ It’s August 4th.”

Lacie’s eyes widened, “It was! It really was! Yes! I’m 15!”

“ Happy Birthday, Lacie, and I’m not meaning to spoil the mood, but, I really think we need to focus on this,” Mira said, “Sorry.”

Lacie snapped back to focus, “ Yes, we do, now, I think I know what at least two of those lines mean.”

“What?” Mira and Onyx asked.

“Well, you’re going to think I’m crazy,”

“No we won’t! We’ll still think your awsome!” Onyx said. Then he blushed as he realizes what he had said.

“Well, the line that says “Hidden from a very strong mind”, I think it’s talking about…well, about me. That’s what that Witch called me in my dream.”

“Wait! What witch?” Onyx asked in alarm, “Who do I need to beat up?”

“Nobody, Onyx,” Lacie said, smiling.

Mira looked at the two of them. She grinned.

“Alright you two, lets get back on track,” She said.

Lacie and Onyx sat, cross legged on the ground next to each other.

“So, Lacie,” Mira began, “What is hidden from you?”

“Well, that witch, well she came to my home one day when I was five, it was my birthday, ten years ago. She came to my home and she…well she wanted me, a tiny five year old girl, to go work for her. She wanted my powers under her control. When I refused she threatened me, she told me she would kill my parents, and that one day she would get me. I…I fought her off somehow, but not before she managed to get my parents. Then she…she stole my memories of defeating her, and afew others, I think. I don’t know how but I’ve gotten fragments of them back, which is how I know I defeated her that day, but I don’t know how I did it.”

“And you think this prophacy wants you to get your memories back?” Mira asked.

“Yes, I’m not very sure what the other lines are, but I’ll work on it. But I guess we need to go storm this Witch’s castle.”

Mira gulped. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go “storm this Witch’s castle”, but she knew she had to. Her Kingdom depended on it. She only wished they didn’t need her as much as they did.