Lacie blinked, thinking she had closed her eyes when she ran out of the room. She hadn’t. The hallway was pitch black, but Lacie knew the cloud of dust was probably still behind them. Lacie heard Mira or Onyx shuffling beside her.

“Anyone got a flashlight on them?”

“Nope.” She heard Onyx say.

“I may be able to just give me a second.” Mira said.

Lacie heard Mira grunt a few times behind her and suddenly the hall was filled with a bright pink light. Lacie yelped and covered her eyes.

“Sorry, sorry,” Mira said sheepishly, “I’m not the best at that spell.”

The light faded alittle, leaving a faint glow of pink in the hall. Lacie turned to Mira and found her holding a small pink ball of light.

“Why is it so…pink?” Onyx asked.

“It’s kinda rediculous but I’m not allowed change the color yet. I can only make light the color of my magic. Well, I can do one other thing,” Mira anwsered. The light turned a deep blue with little white speckes. Lacie realized it was the sky, on a perfectly clear night. It was beautiful.

“I taught myself how to do that one night when i was really homesick. The sky doesn’t look the same in the Fairy Kingdom.

“Um…I think the pink was brighter.” Onyx said.

Lacie tuned out their discussion and turned back to the hallway infront of her. They were at a three point turn. There were arrows drawn in white chalk on the left wall of each hall. Lacie went up to the far right hall and glanced at the arrow. It pointed straight. The middle arrow pointed straight forward, but was a very curvy line. The far left one had a few sharp turns in it. Lacie thought for a moment, then turned back to her friends.

“Follow me,” She said as she took off down the dark left hallway.

She heard footsteps following her as the pink light filled the room, meaning Onyx was right behind her and Mira was probably somewhere behind him. They came to another three way fork and Lacie again took the path with the sharp turns, this time the far right one. They did this several more times before coming to a large rotting door.

“Should we open it?” Onyx asked.

“I don’t know.” Lacie anwsered, taking a step twards the door, “I don’t know why not.”

She put both hands on the large metal handle and pulled with all her might. Mira came to help her and together them managed to pulld the door open. Before they could let go of the handle an invisible force grabbed her and Mira. The light went out and they found themselves flying away from the door, away from Onyx. They heard a loud clanging sound as the door slammed shut and were left in darkness.

A few minutes later they stoped in the middle of a cold stone room. A black figure started walking twards them.

“Princess Miracle, how nice it is to see you and your little friend in person again!”

Lacie couldn’t move, the invisible force was holding her still.

“What do you want Chiara!?” Mira shouted.

“You both know what I want, and you both have refused in the past. However, because I am so nice, I am offering you both a second chance. But first I have some other matters to deal with so you will have to spend some time in my dungeon until I am ready for you. This will give you some time to think about your decision.”

With that she waved her hand and the invisibility force pulled Lacie and Mira down, against there will into a cold dark cell.