The Book

Mira was frozen with fear. Not a muscle in her body would cooperate and move. Someone ran cold, bony fingers through her hair.

“Oh poor, poor Princess. Nothing you can do now to save your kingdom. Finally it shall all be mine!” A cold, shrill voice sneered.

She tried to retaliate but her mouth would not move. All she could do was watch, and listen. She saw faries running from a giant beast. She heard them screaming for help, but she couldn’t.

“ My takeover is almost complete, all I must do now, is take care of you.” The voice said, cruelly.

She heard the ring of a blade being pulled out of a sheath, and felt cold hard metal pressed to her back.

“Goodbye, Princess!”


Mira’s eyes fluttered open. Where was she? It all came flooding back to her, the book, Lacie, Onix. And Onyx. She was so drowsy yesterday, he probably she liked him. She sat up realizing she was laying on a pink bed made entirely of crystals. But it’s so comfy, she thought thought to herself. Her wings started to ache, and she remembered the feeling of that blade being pressed to her back. That witch had been haunting her dreams for the past several nights, making her dreams more realistic than usual.

“How does she get to me?” Mira muttered under her breath.

Just then her door opened and in walked a small cristaline green puppy with beautiful blue eyes. The puppy yipped.

“You want me to follow you? Mira asked it.

The puppy yipped again, and ran out of the room. Mira stood and followed the puppy out into the hallway. They took a left turn out of her hallway, and Mira found herself in a nice sitting room. There were two sofa’s, made of blue crystal. There was also a small table, a fluffy chair, and bookshelf full of books.

Onyx and Lacie were already there, Lacie in the chair petting another crystal puppy, this one blue with livley brown eyes, and Onyx stretched out on a couch. Mira went and sat on the other couch and the green puppy jumped up next to her.

“So, you met Emmie?” Onyx asked her.

“Thats her name?” Mira asked.

“Yeah, and thats her twin brother, Aqua.” He said, nodding twards the blue puppy. Aqua’s ears perked up when he heard his name.

“But, that’s besides the point,” Lacie piped up. “We need to know about you, if we’re going to help.”

“What? I never asked for help.” Mira snapped.

“Sorry, no choice there Mira, we are coming,” Onyx said.

“Fine,” Mira scowled, “Sorry, I’m under alot of stress right now, I don’t want to drag you guys into it.

“Its ok, we understand. Now then, what’s your story? Lacie asked.

“Well, I found out alittle while ago…that there was a Prophecy about…about me,” Mira started, “The other day I decided to go look for it, and after I found it…well, I kinda fell…through a portal…and ended up here.”

“So, you are a fairy then,” Lacie said.

“Of course.”

“Seems like we need to hear this Prophecy then.”

“Well, I kinda left it in my room,” Mira said, grimacing.

Onyx whistled and the green puppies ears pricked up.

“Emmie! Can you run back to Mira’s room and grab her book?” Onyx said in a soft voice.

Emmie yipped and bounded away towards Mira’s room. Mira smiled.

“Your dogs are so adorable, Onyx.” Lacie said.

“Yeah, they really are, did you train them yourself?” Mira asked.

“Yes, I did. Their from a special breed of dogs, who help the Crystal Guardian.” Onyx said, grinning.

Emmie bounded into the room, slamming into the couch between Mira’s feet, dropping The Book.

“Oh no! Are you ok?” Mira scooped the little puppy into her arms. Emmie barked, and licked Mira’s hand. The puppy’s tongue was soft and wet. Mira hugged the tiny puppy to her chest, giggling. She bent down to pick up the book. When her hand touched the silk cover she pulled it back, remembering the fall, and the figures chasing after her. She took a long, deep breath and grabbed it.

“This is it,” she said, hands shaking, as she flipped open the book. And found blank pages.

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