Names and Titles

Lacie watched with wide eyes as Onyx opened the door to his Enchantment room. She hadn’t known about this before. He had done a good job keeping this from her. The room looked like something out of one of her childhood fantasies. There were shelves of magic ingredients, piles of scrolls, and hundreds of bottles filled woth liquids of every color imaginable. At the very center of it all, there was a small black cauldron. Onyx walked over to the cauldron, looking inside of it, and nodding. It appeared to be full of water.

“Lacie, can we test the limits of your projection power?” He asked.

“Why not?” She anwser, nonchalantly.

“Come over here,’ He waved her over, and pointed to the cauldron, “Try projecting an image of the Witch, as much as you know.”

“Ok, but I don’t know much about her,”

“I do,” Mira whispered. These were the first words she had said since entering the room.

Onyx looked at Lacie. Lacie nodded, understanding what he wanted her to do.

“Mira, I…I need you to open your mind to me.”

“What?” Mira looked flustered.

“I can, well, I can kinda sorta read people’s minds. I can break into most minds, but not yours.”

“You tried to read my mind!”

“Only when I first met you, don’t worry, I didn’t see anything, I promise.”

Mira let out a deep breath, “Ok, I’ll try.” She still didn’t look very comfortable with the idea of someone seeing into her mind.

Lacie closed her eyes, focusing on entering Mira’s mind and finding her memories of the Witch. It was pretty easy, as that was the main thing Mira was thinking about. Lacie took in every detail of Mira’s memory she could, then focused on sending the images onto the surface of the water.

When she opened her eyes and looked at the water, Lacie found herself again standing in a black room.


“Who are you?” She heard, being shouted from somewhere to her left. She turned, and found Mira, glairing angrily at a tall woman, with wavy brown hair that went halfway down her back. The woman had deep brown eyes, and looked to be in her mid twenties.

“And what did you do to my friends?”

“Who I am is beside the point for I am not really here. As for your friends, they are only under a deep sleep spell, and will awake soon after I leave. But that is all beside the point. I am here for you, Miracle.”

“What do you want from me?” Mira yelled, angrily.

“I want your crown, honey.”

“My crown?”

The woman rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, “Your kingdom, deary, I want your kingdom and your magic. Now you can hand both of those over without a fight, and come and work for me, or you can refuse and fall along side your kingdom.”

“No!” Mira shouted with such force the woman took a step back.

“Are you sure, you want to do that? You shall remain my prisoner, Princess, for your kingdom will fall under me. I will squeeze every ounce of magic out of your body, until you are reduced to a measly human. Once that happens I will gain full control of you, and you will never be set free.”

The image froze, and Lacie found herself back in reality, standing next to Mira and Onyx. She looked at Mira. No Miracle, no Princess Miracle. Why hadn’t she told them? Mira shook her head.

Please don’t tell him, she heard a voice echoing in her mind. She somehow knew it was Mira, but she didn’t know how Mira was sending messages into her mind.

“Are you ok?” Onyx asked softly, “You were staring at that water so long I thought you had fallen asleep.”

Lacie shook her head, “Yes, I’m fine. Sorry.”

She looked back down at the cauldron. The image of the Witch glaired up at her. A name hinted at the back of her memory. She focused on it, tring to remember it more clearly.

“Kee…Kee,” She couldn’t remember past the first syllable.

“Chiara,” She heard a voice in her head say. And this was a voice she didn’t recognize.