It’s an Election Year -03/13/16

The campaigns have only just begun and already violence has reared its ugly head with the coaxing tongue of a jeopardous creature promising to “make our country great again,” by no means of peace or civility. Standing on the shoulders of new White nationalists, his hateful rhetoric -while void of substance, has ballooned into a tangible threat stinking of the inevitable: civil war. He preys upon the fears of Whites who feel their freedoms are compromised by the progression of various civil rights movements gaining speed and legislation coast to coast. Emboldening racists and divisive bigots, it’s all in fun for this good ol’ boy.

The fate of our nation teeters the gaunt and wiry line between destruction & redemption, swaying dangerously to either side in the days leading to what may prove our Judgment Day.

Salvation beckons to us like a mother does her child taking its first steps: words of encouragement and outstretched arms. And like the child, we are shaky & unsure of ourselves.