How quickly you set my soul ablaze

I have avowed I’ll never forget this day

Still I worry that I misread your signs

And I’m in love by myself for the umpteenth time

There’s a voice that says “Hold on, don’t be so quick to doubt. This time will be different, but you have to wait it out.”

Patience is a scalding and bitter cup of tea for a throat sore with words unsaid; I don’t want to scare you away, love.

You’re on my mind often

I daydream until the sun dips below the horizon & I paint pictures of our future with the hues strewn across the sky.

I can’t help but wonder if I cross your mind at all. Do I mean anything to you or am I simply the most recent pastime until the next daisy blooms?

Be an optimist, Miraj

Give everyone a chance

The past is not the present

First he’s clear and then he isn’t

He’s here and then he isn’t


Shall I ask?

No, he’ll shut down for sure, and he’s only just opened up that mahogany door.

So I sit in the dark

Patiently I wait

As he fills the room with candles

I see his face illuminate

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