Czech Glasswork — Not Just in Museums

Czech glasswork is celebrated in museums within the Czech Republic, as well as elsewhere in the world.

Museum of Decorative Arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague features the permanent exhibition “Born in Fire — The Glass and Ceramics Gallery” and various displays of other art forms.

Museum of Glass and Jewellery

Established in 1904, the three-building Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec Nad Nisou is the only museum specializing in glass and costume jewelry in the Czech Republic. Its “Magic Garden” (encompassing three halls on the fifth floor of the main building) showcases 700 years of Bohemian glassmaking. The museum’s website describes their inspiration for the Magic Garden.

“Glass is like a flower which grows from a seed and becomes a bud that blooms into a radiant beauty, bringing joy and soothing pain.”

The museum’s third building is a memorial to the ancient art of glassmaking in the Jizera Mountains.

Moser Museum

Located in Karlovy Vary, the Moser Museum focuses on a century and a half of history with luxury Moser glasswork.

Czech Center Museum Houston

Situated in the US city of Houston, Texas, the Czech Center Museum Houston honors the cultures of Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Silesia with varied events and exhibitions including Czech crystal, glass, porcelain, pottery, antique furniture, and jewelry, as well as folk costumes and fine art.

February 2010 saw the opening of a permanent exhibit featuring a 1,200-piece collection of Czechoslovakian porcelain, pottery, and glass produced only for a 20-year period between the World Wars. As well, the Center’s collection includes prized Amphora pieces (produced only by one company), Erphilia, Peasant Art, and hand-blown Art Glass.

All these sites (as well as similar ones) are excellent places to view Bohemian artistry such as Czech hand-blown glass. Keep in mind, however, that Czech glass work is not just found in museums or does not have to be just viewed on display.

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