Hot Hollywood Décor Trend — Blue and White Czech Porcelain

The most popular home décor magazines and most luxurious Hollywood homes are filled with beautiful blue and white Czech porcelain. Of course, blue and white porcelain is a hot trend in other places besides Hollywood.

Actually, this stunning duo has always been a classic in American fashion. Now these colors have translated successfully to interior design with ease and style.

This lovely and timeless combination has become a global favorite. Of course, cobalt-decorated porcelain has delighted people for generations.

Why is blue and white such a popular color for porcelain and home décor in general?

Blue and white evokes images of a perfect and natural scene — the sea below and the sky above with fluffy white clouds. A blue and white palette lends itself to cool and calming design.

Add Blue and White

Living Room

A grouping of blue and white Czech porcelain vases make a stylish statement. Leave a few of the vases empty but fill at least one with delicate blue blooms.

Pair blue and white slipcovers to create a visual delight reminiscent of blue ocean and white sand. Fill a window seat with pillows to create a cozy conversation nook.

A window valance trimmed in blue serves as a smart complement for a mix of patterns.

Let Bohemian crystal lamps illuminate the blue and white palette of a splendid living room.

Add golden objects to bring extra warmth to a blue and white space. For example, the Buquet Vase Gold by Daniel Pirsc lends a brilliant glow; the Amber Garden Set creates a friendly and welcoming ambience.

Dining Room

Store exquisite blue porcelain and glassware in the dining room cabinets. Continue the color in one large wall painting, or dot the walls in blue accents with smaller artwork.

Upholstered cushions in blue-and-white gingham can anchor a dining room. Gorgeous blue linens could adorn a glass-topped dining table.


It’s hard to top the look of a fresh white kitchen with cool blue accents. The lively patterns of Czech blue and white porcelain play against a crisp white backdrop. Charming florals, climbing plants, and delicious fruit are standard decoration for Czech blue and white porcelain.


Have a luxurious bedroom reflect restful blues from the outdoors. Bring elegance to bedrooms with superb Czech blue and white porcelain and regal Bohemian chandeliers.

Bring the Background to Life

Blue and white looks fabulous against neutral walls. Soothing gray-sage walls let blue and white be the center of attention. Blue and white porcelain pops against a neutral canvas.

Always At Home

Blue and white Czech porcelain lends itself to flexible design. It can look at home anywhere — in an opulent residence, fine restaurant, modern office, or summer home by the beach where soft blues and airy whites can mirror the outside.

Enjoy Czech blue and white porcelain in several ways and styles with bowls, vases, cooking-related items, trays, cups and saucers, plates, tier stands, decorative art, lighting, seasonal decoration, and more.