Miracle Crystal Brings Celestial Beauty to Décor Themes

Provenza Water Glasses ~ Denisa Bowl (top) ~ Opera Sweets Bowl

Miracle Crystal’s luxury glass and crystal are the ultimate source of inspiration for everyone who wants to bring celestial beauty to a space. Whether the décor theme is for a room at home, an office area, or hotel/event venue, Miracle Crystal art garners gold reviews. Their latest opulent Gold Collection takes luxury to a new height and expands the definition of unparalleled beauty. This means that all of us can enjoy stunning Bohemian crystal and glass in our comfortable interiors at home, work, or for entertainment.

Opera Water Set Golden White Decor (left) ~ Provenza Water Set in Golden Crystal Light

Nothing says celestial beauty more than sparkle, and the Miracle Crystal Gold Collection displays golden splendor and crystal majesty at its best. This exclusive art features outstanding eye-catching beauty but with a subtle elegance.

As well, the Gold Collection possesses a natural appeal. With starburst and leaf designs, as well as consistent gold decoration reminiscent of sunny rays, this extraordinary glassware and tableware bring the outdoors to interior decoration.

Laurus Sweets Bowl ~ Laurus Tea Set ~ Laurus Bowl

Let the Laurus Group (including the Laurus Bowl, Laurus Sweets Bowl, and Laurus Tea Set) surround you with the serenity of nature and create a calming ambience.

Oaasis Water Glasses

Likewise, the Oasis Water Glasses will delight with golden radiance. This exceptional set embraces sunshine and starlight with magical design and luxurious style.

How To Create a Celestial-Themed Space

A celestial-themed room calls for iridescent and metallic finishes, gold and silver abstract patterns, sky-related (sun, moon, and stars) décor, or elements such as antique solar Italian floor tile.

For out-of-this-world design, add fantastic statement pieces from the Miracle Gold Collection.