Raise the Best Toast in a Perfect Glass

Dots by Rucki Crystal

Skip the crowded clubs this New Year’s Eve, and host your own awesome party. Put your unique signature on this annual event, and entertain your guests in customized style.

“Raising a toast” is the perfect kick-off for the New Year. There is an art to doing it in perfection. As well, just like with every art form, there are tools of the trade. The perfect glass sets the scene for that unforgettable toast.

Of course, tablescapes also play a significant role in creating a celebratory atmosphere. Traditional black and white decorations can provide an air of sophistication. An exquisite glass is the superb addition to this elegant setting.

New Year’s Eve Drinks with Splendid Glassware

Champagne is the classic choice for the year-end toast. Exquisite glassware, such as selections from Miracle Crystal, are not your typical champagne glasses.

7 Stunning Miracle Crystal Glasses for Special Celebrations

  • Dots Glass (seen at top of page)

This delicate Bohemian glass blown by mouth and cut by hand from Rucki Crystal is the ultimate champagne flute guaranteeing a cool celebration.

Cool Bouquet and Jewel Flute ~ Miracle Crystal Favorites
  • Jewel Flute

With jewel colors, golden decoration, intriguing design, and gorgeous texture, Jewel Flute, a Miracle Crystal Favorites in green, red, amber, and purple, is a collection of pure gems. This superb glass set possesses a hidden beauty and magical quality.

  • Cool Bouquet

With its stunning blue color, delicate beauty, and inviting design, Cool Bouquet, one of Miracle Crystal Favorites, is a showstopper among glasses.

Ring Flute and Crystal Gala Flute ~ Miracle Crystal Favorites
  • Ring Flute

Ring Flute from the Miracle Crystal Favorites Collection offers contemporary style and genius design. Interspersed elements extend the eye upwards toward the decorated perfection at the top of this unique glass.

  • Crystal Gala Flute

The Crystal Gala Flute (two-piece set) from Miracle Crystal Favorites is synonymous with celebration. With its elaborate detail, pleasing shape, and impressive height, Crystal Gala is always the center of attention.

Exquisite Champagne Glasses by Glassworks Novosad & Son
  • Exquisite Champagne

The Exquisite Champagne Glasses (set of two) by Glassworks Novosad & Son take the champagne experience to a whole new level of luxury. Its bowl is perfectly designed to protect the champagne’s carbonation. The base and stem blend together in harmonious perfection.

Twisted Champagne Flute by Glassworks Novosad & Son
  • Twisted Champagne Flute

The Twisted Champagne Flutelute by Glassworks Novosad & Son has the true look of luxury. Available in crystal pink or light blue, this beautiful glass with it harmonious design is bound to capture the maximum flavor of your favorite sparkling beverage. Perfect for a New Year’s or any celebration!

Happy New Year from Miracle Crystal!

May 2016 be filled with miracles of beauty and wonder

to capture your imagination, delight your senses, and touch your heart!