Finetuning MiracleTele Service Terms

Miracle Tele
Aug 12 · 2 min read

With the great help of our community and some efforts from our part, we are now off to the next level of MiracleTele development. All the funds that have gone into the system will be geared towards the company’s growth and the development of our groundbreaking technologies. Watch out for upcoming news regarding these developments!

Meanwhile, we are obliged to adjust our service terms to match emerging realities. Below are some of the highlights:

1. We will no longer be giving away our TELE tokens for free. Instead, we will direct the available funds to partnering with promising crowd economy companies and the development of potent markets base with a view to gaining significant customer base.

2. We are now fixing the TELE token rate at 0.21€ for any future sales on our platform. The reward rate will be always visible at your dashboard and will continue to go up in step with the company’s revenues.

3. We would like to remind you that tokens that have been taken out of our ecosystem cease bringing biweekly rewards. This means externally deposited tokens are no longer eligible for stacking. Please keep this in mind when making decisions on selling your TELE tokens.

4. Another thing to keep in mind is that in addition to your dividends, your TELE tokens give you the opportunity to have another stream of passive income in the form of 10% from your referrals. It is up to you make it worthwhile.

5. Having evaluated the volume of interest in the sale of TELE tokens by those of our users who no longer wish to receive their dividends, we have decided to close the P2P trading at the moment.

We hope you understand these changes and agree with us that all of them make perfect business sense. As a modern-era, bureaucracy-free and private mobile operator adjusting business model to scale up with new realities is a must for sustainability and continual delivery of high-quality telecom services and low rates.

TELE tokens not only retains all its functions including blockchain-based loyalty program with bi-weekly token holder rewards, our upcoming developments is set to dramatically increase its utility.

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