Using Google+ to Promote Your Events

Guest Post By Author Nick Rink of Smart Local

If you’re not already using Google+ to promote your events, you’re missing out on a fantastic way to spread the word and increase participation. In addition to letting the world at large know about your upcoming event, Google+ can be used to allow far-flung folks to participate in it while it is happening. The best part of all is that setting up an event and inviting people to join with Google+ couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.

Create an Event with Google+

Before you can create an event on Google+ you need to have an active account. You can use a personal account, but it’s generally best to use a business page if you’re promoting an event for your company. The share box, which is the box that’s used to update your status, share photos and to engage in other Google+ activities, has an Event icon. Click on that icon to start creating your event.

It’s almost always best to create a unique page for an event on Google+. You can then share the page across all types of social media. You will also enjoy great control over who can attend or join the event. Google+ will walk you through the steps that are needed to create your event, and you’ll be able to customise your invitations and other features with unique images.

Spread the Word about Your Event

Once your event has been created on Google+, you will be able to promote it. The first step is to send invitations. You can quickly send them to some or all of your contacts. You can select specific circles, or you can send invitations to everyone at once. If there are people you’d like to invite who aren’t on Google+, you can notify them of the event by sharing its Google+ page on sites like Twitter and Facebook, or you can send an email with a link to the page.

A great way to create buzz about your event is by holding hangouts in the days and weeks leading up to it. You can initiate these Google+ hangouts from directly within the event page. Make sure that each hangout has some kind of point. For instance, have a speaker who will be at your event drop in to chat with attendees, or hold a Q&A session to get a feel for what people would like to get out of the event.

Depending on the nature of your event, you might want to share it with relevant communities on Google+ too. Just make sure not to spam anyone, or your efforts could backfire.

Host a Hangout During Your Event

Whenever you hold an event, some people just won’t be able to attend in person. By hosting a hangout during the event itself, you can cast a wider net and attract more attention. Google+ lets you create live events on air, which are nice because you can control who is allowed to participate. For instance, you can set it so that only people who have been invited can actually post comments and photos while others can drop by and see what’s happening without invitations.

New features are added to Google+ all the time, so stay on top of them to make the most of your event promotion activities.

Nick Rink runs Smart Local, a search marketing company helping SME’s attract more local customers through SEO and social media. You can find him mostly on Google+ and Twitter.

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