Little Victories, Celebrating Every Success and Learning how to Treat Yo’ Self

New clothes, a mani-pedi, a decadent meal, a weekend away, a puppy, whatever it may be you can’t forget to treat yo’ self. No matter where you are in life, there is always time to celebrate the little victories. Depending on your goal setting habits, you could celebrate something as simple as waking up without snoozing your alarm more than twice, or *** getting in four days in the gym every week or maybe getting a large project done at work. Each person’s form of “victory” is going to be a little different, but there is no excuse to not pay attention to those successes.

Writing about this now I wonder at what point in my life I started acknowledging how important it is to pay attention to even the smallest accomplishments. I haven’t mentioned it previously but I have three younger siblings, and I’ve worked with kids since I was one myself. I’ve babysat, nannied, worked at an afterschool program, was a teacher’s assistant, and a camp counselor at a sleep-away camp; needless to say I’ve been around kids for years. We all remember how hard it was making friends, running with the cool kids, and avoiding getting picked on or bullied. Obviously had to share the mean girls themselves, in all of their glory.

I mention these struggles of bullying because working at a summer camp and around kids, I realized how important it was to set goals for groups of kids to accomplish together and to show them how important it is to celebrate together, no matter how small the accomplishment. To see the transition made between students when I gave them a reason to celebrate together was amazing. Watching the story of bully and the bullied turn into friends is a truly humbling. After watching this transition and being a part of the equation it really made me embody the idea that even the smallest of successes deserve to be celebrated. You make the decision on what those treats for yourself will be, more importantly, don’t overlook your moment to tell yourself good job!

In case you are looking for ideas, I’ve shared a few of my go-to’s below, no shame.

If you’re finding that treating yourself just isn’t doing it, or there is something missing in your goal setting or happy moments then I highly recommend looking to The Gratitude Challenge as your next step. The Gratitude Challenge was recommended to me by a friend while I was going through a tough time after losing a family member. I won’t go into great detail, but if you’re looking for another outlet, this might be perfect for you.

Stay groovy, and treat yo’ self.

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