One more time something crushes my chest, leaving me with no words, with my red and wet eyes… I thought I’d never cry for you again, one more time, I was wrong. When is gonna end? That stupid pain.

I hate the way you need to force the things, because you have the need to “need” someone, I hate you because you were so weak that you couldn’t fight for, I hate you because you were so selfish that you end up all the things just for your own good, not both of us, I hate you because you take away a part of me with you, I hate you because you’d treat me so right that forgetting you is the hardest thing I’ve ever made, but most of all, I hate how not even the time can repair me, and I’m tired, because even after all this time I’m still writing about you, because you still hurt… and finally, I hate you so much because I can’t hate you, even if I try.