Pauline Is

My mother. My one and only. Putting up with me for 24 years in itself earns her the right to have whatever her heart desires, always.

A quiet force. Whatever needs to be done, she simply does. She will never boast, show frustration, or expect gratitude. In the face of adversity, she is a silent hurricane. She is the Kawhi Leonard of motherhood.

Consistent. I have doubted her in arguments, I have doubted her sports fandom affiliations, I have even doubted her ability to drink copious amounts of red wine without slurring a single syllable (she has always proven me wrong when it comes to this one). But I have never doubted her love for her family — especially for me (because I am her favorite, obviously).

Always adaptable. What I love, she loves. Whom I love, she loves. Even against reason and personal preference, she will always choose to love, simply because I love.

Amplifying & relieving. She magnifies the highs and palliates the lows. Just as quickly as she is there to celebrate the achievements, she is there to provide comfort in the failures. Those who are lucky enough to know her are able to feel life at its full extremities.

Selfless. I have never seen her act out of self-interest. Her motivation is woven by the happiness and serenity of those around her.

Resilient. Somehow, “strong” isn’t sufficient enough to describe her. She is stronger than strong; she is resilient. No matter the trial, even ones that aren’t her own, she always prevails. And she does it with the utmost grace. It is unbelievable.

Crazy. Anything I’ve ever accomplished is because of the ridiculous ideas she put in my head. When I was 18 — Maybe you should study engineering; I somehow managed to walk away with a Master’s degree in the damn thing. When I was 23 — Maybe you should buy a house; six months later I moved out and found myself with a mortgage. The woman is batshit insane, but I thank the heavens everyday that she is.

Beautiful. She will never see herself as the most beautiful woman in a room, but I always have and always will.

Multi-lingual. She can speak softly to give you calm and reassurance in clouded moments of doubt. Just as easily, she can slice through your core with the sword of her tongue when you need a reality check. She can laugh with a pure power of innocence, or she can empathize with the wisdom of someone who has lived for a thousand years. Whatever language is needed, she can speak it.

Forgiving. She is the victim of a lot of my mistakes, but she is always the fastest to accept and forgive me, even before I get the sense to apologize.

Dichotomous. Sometimes my biggest migraine, but always my best friend.

Humble. She can talk endlessly about all of the hidden treasures she finds within the people around her, but will hardly ever highlight her own diamond qualities. Despite having the brightest soul I know, she uses that light instead to make others glow.

My heart. She keeps me alive. When the vital organs within my conscious fail, she pumps motivation back into my soul and forces reason to flow through my perspective; she sustains me. Without her, I wouldn’t be here.

Timeless. She became a mother 29 years ago and immediately set the bar. 29 years later and she carries herself with the same extraordinary balance of ferocity and grace. 29 years from now, she will still be the highest standard of what a mother, wife, and woman should be. Should I ever become half of the woman that she is would be the greatest accomplishment of my life.

Thank you, I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.