Is the world really designed for men, or is it designed for humans?
Kathryn Hing

Being a large heavy man (6"4 or 193cm, 110kg) I have to say that the world isn’t designed for me either. Cars are generally designed for 180cm 80kg men, there’s very few cars I’m comfortable in and even so — the rear view mirror is always in eyeheight.

So no, the 50% percentile is rather narrow in the upper direction as well… The only car that used to be designed for my size was Volvo.

I have to be careful on cheap chairs, they might fold under me. (This is rather always very embarrassing.) Fancy office chairs with oh-so-many options are always just a bit too small.

I can keep on with more examples of narrow-minded design that didn’t work in the upper direction either.

Design is hard. And in many cases ends up very stupid.

I had an idea for an exhibition in a museum. Two worlds, one scaled down 20% and one scaled up 20%, with everyday items, furniture, ceiling heights, a car... For people to visit and see how it would be if you were bigger or smaller. I wonder if there’s any design museum I could push this idea towards?

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