The World is Designed for Men
Kat Ely

To be noted, the world is barely designed for large men either. The 50-percentile man (175cm) means that cars are dangerous for tall (and heavy) men as well as small women; the 5-star cars in EURO-NCAP must test all sizes, but “ok” cars might not. (I’m 193cm and I can’t even sit comfortable in most cars and I get the rear view mirror in eye-height in all cars, blocking my view. Seems safe…)

Kitchens are typically designed for small women, which means that most kitchen will hurt my back — I personally typically would need 10cm higher work surfaces than the design standard. Most women I know would need higher work surfaces: (The ones used by fast food chains and cafés are usually ridiculously far down. Why?)

Design is hard, and most companies just continue the design that already exist instead of solving the problem the design is supposed to solve.

…this will continue unless we point out the problems. So thank you for the article.

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