Prompt: Ugly Holiday Garb

“What the hell are you wearing?” I asked, staring at the abomination with my girlfriend’s face.

Dox looked down at her shirt, back up to me, and grinned. “You don’t like it?”

It was the most atrocious monstrosity I’d ever laid eyes on, and I’d once held internal organs in my hands. The obnoxiously red sweater was puking glitter and protruding badly done Yuletide designs.

I winced, forced a smile, and said, “I love it!”

“You hate it.”

“It is awful.”

“Your mother sent it to me.”

“Oh good, now I feel doubly justified in telling you to burn it.”

She cocked a brow. “Are you just trying to get me out of my shirt, Fuentes?”

I wiggled my brows. “Caught me. Take it off and come get an early Solstice gift.”

I patted my lap and leered.

She laughed, but quickly tugged off the disgusting sweater. She tossed it over her shoulder, where it landed on the floor next to the Solstice tree. Left in a dandelion yellow sports bra and black sweatpants, she crawled into my lap. She straddled my hips, immediately burying her face in the crook of my neck.

“Can I have you as my gift?” she asked, turning to press her lip against my chin.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, nuzzling against her.

“Only if I can have you, too.”

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