Ferrer conquers Vienna

The Spaniard David Ferrer wins Erste Bank Open in Vienna defeating US Steve Johnson 2–1 (46, 64, 75). For 33-year old this was 26. carrier ATP title, his first in Vienna.

David Ferrer (Esp) the winner of Erste Bank Open 2015, Viena
- It was interesting and exciting till the last point. Steve can also win this one. At 6–5 for a moment I thought on a last year`s final, but then I stayed focused and I took the opportunity. Live sometimes gives you a second chance and I took it this time. — said Ferrer.
David Ferrer/ESP (Erste Bank Open 500 , Vienna)

Ferrer managed to make step forward after last year`s defeat in the final from Andy Murrey. Triumph in Vienna is his 5th this year, after winning in Doha, Rio De Jeneiro, Acapulco and Kuala Lumpur. Ferrer wins $423 thousand, as 500 ATP points, and his place in final tournament in London is almost secure.

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