Cashaa — The next generation banking platform for the next billion.

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Cashaa”, the next banking project on this earth.
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Cashaa” below. 
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What is Cashaa?

Cashaa is the gateway to consumer-centric and affordable consumer products intended for Blockchain consumer adoption without having to understand the technical details of Blockchain technology. The Cashaa wallet system, integrated with peer to peer exchanges with a full spectrum of full digital financial services, allows its community to store, spend, borrow and get insurance, with a simplified user experience in a legal way.

Why Cashaa?

  • Turning on financial products for Banked and Unbanked.

Cashaa’s digital and transparent services not only appeal to the turning population, but also provide financial inclusion solutions to 2.5 billion unbanked and 1 billion underbanked globally, thus creating a unique cross-border platform that can serve the entire population.

  • Facilitating Low Cost Currency Exchange

Send money across the border quickly, for a fraction of the current cost. Industry-leading technology platforms supported by our merchant network can protect your money and offer the best foreign exchange rates every time you use Cashaa.

  • Activate Invest in Global

Cashaa products can enable users to access the global economy in a decentralized way. They can facilitate the transfer of values across boundaries allowing greater portfolio diversification with higher yields.

  • Dedicated to Communities with Open APIs

Create the next generation DApp to solve the biggest financial challenges in the world. Our SDK and Open API developers with integrated biometric and integrated intelligence services will accelerate the growth of digital innovation.

  • The Future of Banking

Cashaa is not just your typical banking application. Our wallets provide a full spectrum of customers’ digital centric financial services such as instant balance updates, sending, receiving, paying, borrowing and insuring with our beautiful interface and easy-to-use notifications.

Find out about Cashaa’s product on their website:

Token Cashaa

  • Token Sale

CAS is built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token on the Ethereum blockchain
Token Type : Utility token
CAS available for public sale : 510 Million
Hard Cap (Max limit) : $ 32 Million USD

  • Company

CAS Allocation: 240 Million
Included by Cashaa to fund future transactions and expand liquidity, partnerships needed for future growth and expansion. These funds will be locked by the Smart Contract and governed by the CAS community on the terms.

* 60 Million Immediately
* 60 Million locked with smart contract for 12 months
*60 Million locked with smart contract for 24 months
*60 Million locked with smart contract for 36 months


They are a cross-functional and cross-functional team led by successful entrepreneurs who built their company from scratch that is now part of the Fortune Top 15 company in the world.

Kumar Gaurav — Founder & CEO
Celestine Vettical — Co-Founder & Chairman
Dominic Melo — Chief Payments Officer
Francesco Zorgno — Chief Investment Officer
Felice N. Covelli — Co-founder & CFO
Janina Lowisz — Co-Founder & VP Marketing
Rakesh Lakhey — EVP Sales — Asia
Simo Mcunu — VP Sales — Africa
Enrique Lau — EVP Sales — Latin America
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy — VP Partnerships
Amjad Raza Khan — VP Technology
Dinesh Chaturvedi — VP Enterprise Practice

If you are interested in the “Cashaa” project please visit their website and other sites below:


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