Latest Mirror Trends

If your home is in need of a few finishing touches or you simply want to update your décor for the season ahead, we’ve put together a handy guide to investing in mirrors based on the latest interior décor trends.

Circular Styles are Taking Centre Stage

Home accessories are key when it comes to keeping your home décor on trend as it’s easy to switch out last season’s designs with something a little more stylish and up to date. This season we are seeing an influx of circular mirror designs and we can’t think of an easier way to add a touch of class to any room. Circular mirrors are elegant yet contemporary and they work in rooms of every shape and size. Spruce up a bathroom with a sunburst mirror or add a touch of glamour to a dining room.

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Oversized Leaner Mirrors are Having a Moment

The ever so popular classic rectangular mirror has been replaced with an oversized leaner mirror as this season’s hero piece. The oversized appearance can’t fail to make a statement but leaning it against a wall rather than hanging it up gives a casual air to the room. Leaner mirrors create the biggest impact when they reflect something beautiful such as a striking piece of art or a window that overlooks a garden and this in turn can enhance any room. Mirrors can make a room look larger but leaner mirrors especially can really open up a space.

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Create a Cluster to Make an Impact

Why have one mirror when you can have three? The latest interior design trend encourages homeowners to style a cluster of mirrors together to create a focal point. Line up three identical mirrors in a row above the sofa or create a trio of mirrors to enhance the blank space above the mantelpiece. Of course, it is never a good idea to crowd a small space with mirrors but experimenting with more than one can really help to make your décor unique. Everyone loves an accent piece and you can use a collection of mirrors to achieve this with ease.

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Traditional and Trendy is Making a Comeback

This season we are seeing more and more designs that combine traditional elements with contemporary touches to create a mirror that looks great in homes of every style. One way to master this trend is to choose a mirror that is gold and antique in style but stray away from the overly elaborate designs. This way you will get the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. When it comes to traditional and trendy mirrors, the living room is the perfect place to experiment with this trend. Gold is a versatile option as it lends itself to a range of décor styles but it has a certain wow factor that also ensures it will wow your guests.

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Updating your home with beautiful mirrors is one way to stay on top of the latest interior decor trends. Which trend will you try this season?

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