As a graduating education student, having a practicum is a requirement. Since my degree is Elementary Education mj. in Special Education, my field is not just limited to teaching exceptional students but also toddlers up to middle school.

Some of my batch mates were assigned to a toddler center. Since most of them aren’t potty trained yet, most of them are wearing diapers. I am dismayed that male teachers aren’t allowed to change the diapers of the student. Of course it is an advantage for us males that we don’t have to clean those asses and be able to smell their smelly poops. lol. My issue is why are we not allowed to change the diapers??? I think this is because they have stereotype that males might take advantage and sexually abuse the children. As a male teacher I am offended at the same time feel that the school distrust male teachers. Even if a lot of rape case are caused by males, it does not mean that all males will do it. We are teachers, we studied four years because we want to work with kids. We want to contribute to their beautiful future and not destroy it.

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