Some thoughts on suicide

Last night, I was watching A&A when they showed that the cast, a 15 yr old girl, of a day time show, Oh My G!, committed suicide. According to the news, the actress’ family said that she showed no sign of sadness that will make them think that the actress will commit suicide. Browsing the actress’ photos in her IG acct, she seemed happy. However, her paintings depicts sadness and maybe a feeling of having no value. One of her paintings that struck me the most has this caption “c’mon, make it easy say i never mattered”. The painting is a person with a black, cloud-like thing covering the upper half of the face. The person in the painting has a hole in the heart.

When I was younger, I also had thoughts of committing suicide. I almost jump-off on the 5th floor of my school building because I was bullied at the same time going through a identity crisis and I have no one to talked to. Thats is why, I feel sad for her because no one noticed what she was going through and she doesn’t know what to do with what she was feeling. I also feel blessed because I did not end up like her bacause I was able to process my issues.

I am here to give some tips on what to do when you’re feeling that it is the end of everything; when you’re feeling that your problem is endless and best option is to commit suicide.

  1. Seek professional help

Of course, you are going through something and your mind is not on the right state of thinking and needs some guidance to think straight. For a long period of time you’ve been full of thoughs regarding your problem and maybe you reached already your capacity; thus, you need to unload it and the best person to unload these are to professionals. These includes guidance counselors, psychologists, priests or your teachers.

2. Your problem is not the biggest in the world. Why give up?

Even though it feels that your problem is the biggest problem in the world and not even Einstein can solve this, think and realized that it isn’t. Whether its because your partner cheated, your parents got divorced, you failed the exam or whatever it is think of the poor people who dooesn’t have a place to live in, a food to eat everyday yet they survive, not giving up and alive!

3. You are not alone!

There are roughly 7 billion people in this world. And probably there are a million who is going through the same thing youre going in or a million who have been in the same situation and still alive and kicking, enjoying life.

4. Think your parents, sibling and everyone who loves you!

If you think you’re alone and nobody seemed to care, you’re wrong! Your parents should not have raised if they didn’t care and love you.

5. Pray!

Whatever you’re going through, God gave you that because he knows you can get through it. He is just preparing you for something better. That is why, Pray! ask for his guidance

Always remember, there is more to life! Stay positive and happy!

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