America didn’t elect this government — it was forced upon us

Post election there’s a lot of talk about the ‘secret Trump’ voters no one paid attention to, the white, working class people in the middle of the country. I call bullshit — there have been so many pieces about Trump voters this year that it’s a miracle we discussed anything else beside why these people are so ‘angry & disillusioned’ with the system. You know who else is angry & disillusioned? EVERYONE ELSE.

While the media has been tripping over itself to show every Trump rally & make a humanizing profile of people in rural America minorities and the disposed across the nation have been losing their right to vote. There are 34 states controlled by Republican legislators (Gerrymandered, so they’re not actually representing the will of the people) that passed laws in the last several years restricting peoples rights to vote that the Republican congress (Gerrymandered, so they’re not actually representing the will of the people) has refused to do anything to stop. That means that each law has to be taken to court to be proven unconstitutional, a costly and time consuming process that means most of those laws were still on the books this election and even ones that were struck down added to an atmosphere of confusion that likely hindered voter turnout of less affluent communities. These laws have been struck down in almost every court they’ve been brought to, with one judge commenting in a case against NC that “The new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision” and “impose cures for problems that did not exist.” Ohio’s elderly and homeless were among the groups targeted by that state’s new voting restrictions.

In addition, Republican strategists did everything else in their power to stop people from voting. There was a lawsuit in which they tried to limit the polling hours for Latino polling places in NV, the Trump camp ran a campaign trying to convince Hillary voters that they could ‘text’ their vote in (a lie), and in NC the state legislator worked to limit early polling and restrict voting access despite the rebuke from Federal Court. In addition, laws still on the books from the Jim Crow era allowed groups like the ‘Voter Integrity Project’ to challenge the right to vote for thousand of citizens and get many of them purged from the voter rolls without their knowledge.

All this in addition to the long lines and delay that mostly affect minority and poor voters. How many people didn’t vote Nov. 8? How many of those would have it had been even slightly easier for them?

The amount of coverage given to these issues pales in comparison to what has been given to Trump and the White people that support him. Where’s the hundreds of profiles and think pieces dedicated to ‘humanizing’ the communities who had their rights restricted? Where’s the effort to help their voices be heard? The coverage of this election and the state of America was and continues to be garbage that paints a picture of a Country that’s focused on White male issues and has papered over the fact that the majority of the country has lost any say in the governing of their country.

Now we’re all supposed to act surprised as the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia ramps up despite the fact that we handed supporters of a campaign built on those pillars a loudspeaker 18 months ago and stepped out of the way for them to shout down any other conversations happening in America. High five everyone!


tl;dr It’d be great if our initial reaction to rabidly angry white people could be something other than “Hey let’s give them a microphone and platform!”