Everybody talks about the morning after the night before but, if you’re heading toward the southern end of forty (like me), you’ll no doubt have discovered that just because you CAN drink like you did when you were in your twenties, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I’ll set the scene for you: you attended your office Xmas party and, finding yourself surrounded by co-workers who are still looking at uni in their rear-vision mirrors, you decided to show them how many flaming sambuca’s you could belt down without setting your dress/shirt/aging hipster beard on fire. Now, it’s seven thirty Sunday night, and your entitled teenage kids are ‘starving,’ and seem to have forgotten that microwave plus chicken parmigiana equals shut up, i’m hung over. How to resolve this situation and get some much needed respite without resorting to filicide (look it up)? Cranky Crepes! A few minutes preparation, a few minutes stove top time, and you’re back to laying on the couch with a cold compress on your head and grinning with fiendish glee at the thought of all the retching and rumination that lay in store for your young-uns.

1 bottle of pancake shake/mix


Little butter, for frying

1 tub cream cheese with chives (or just get plain cream cheese and snip some ‘fresh’ supermarket chives into it).

1 supermarket rotisserie chicken

Heat a frying pan to medium heat. Melt a little butter in it. Take the lid off the pancake shake. Add as much water as it says to in the instructions. Shake until you have a batter. Now add a bit more and do a small test run, pouring about a teaspoon full into the pan. If it spreads more and is thinner than a pancake but still holds together, you have a crepe batter, (repeat until you get this effect).

When you have the batter just right, melt a little more butter in the pan and cook as per directions on bottle. When you have enough crepes to feed however many entitled urchins you have, open each crepe and allow to cool.

Pour yourself some hair of the dog and get aforementioned urchins to spread the chive cream cheese all over each crepe, pull off small pieces of the rotisserie chicken, and sprinkle the pieces on top of the cream cheese. Fold in half, then roll over again into a crepe shape.

*You could substitute the rotisserie chicken with pieces of smoked salmon, (if your offspring are posher than mine), or ham, or baby spinach leaves.